Comparative Product Guide

Single Vendor
Build Your Own
Open Source
Multiple Vendors
Patchwork Approach
Cost Effective
Not Part of Core Business
White Label Branding Fully Trusted (Matches Portal) Requires Web Programmer Default
  • Logo
  • Background Image/Colors
Mobile Ready/Responsive UI Built-In Not a Priority Vendor Specific
Penetration Testing/Certification Annually Tested and Certified by a 3rd Party Tested In-House Only Vendor Specific
Single Sign-On (SSO) Built-In Limited or No Support Vendor #1
Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) Built-In Secure Password Reset Options Email Only Vendor #2
Strong Authentication Built in Two-Factor (2FA)
  • Over 12 OTP Delivery Methods
None Vendor #3
Technical Support Responsive In-House Support from an Experienced Developer Potentially Unreliable
  • Availability Unknown
  • Pulled from Other Projects
  • Outsourced
  • Put in Call Queue
  • Follows Script & Escalation Steps
Integration Points Tight Integration An Afterthought Multi-Vendor Solution Glued Together
Scalable Enterprise Ready Unknown Shared - Multi-Tenant Infrastructure
Redundancy Included in Base License An Afterthought Vendor Specific
Enterprise Performance Enterprise Ready Unknown Until Deployment Dependent on Internet
Reliable Enterprise Ready High Risk Shared - Multi-Tenant Infrastructure
Hosting Options Supports Both On Premises and Cloud Hosting On Premises Only Cloud Only
Product Enhancement Availability Tailored Authentication Available
Your Product, Your Way
Custom Code Required Not Offered
Upgrades & Maintenance Quarterly Review Daily Fixes May Be Required User Experience May Change Without Notice
BYOD Support Yes An Afterthought Varies by Vendor
Standards-Based Formal Informal Formal
Multiple Directory Support Yes
  • Active Directory
  • SQL
  • LDAP
  • Domino
  • Etc.
No No
Features 100+ Feature Creep - Depends on Product Scope Varies by Vendor
Experience 17 Years in Authentication Security Knowledge-Base Impacted by Attrition Rate IPO Exit Strategy
Cost of Ownership
  • 20k - 1st Year
  • 5k - Annual Renewal
  • 25k - Initial Purchase Price
  • ~100k - 9+ Months of Development
  • 70k - Programmer Staff
  • Priceless — Frustrated user resulting from being a test sample
  • 50k - Avatier
  • 100k - One Login
  • 50k - Duo Security
  • 70k - Internal Admin to work with each Vendor
  • Lack of trust due to default look and feel

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