A centralized point of access that incorporates all your organizations applications.

Active Directory Integrations

Modern authentication relies on having a central user database to collect and manage login credentials and additional user-specific information. For an overwhelming majority of organizations across the world, that central database is Microsoft Active Directory (AD). Unfortunately, external applications and services do not always play well with an internal AD environment – and that’s where PortalGuard comes in. With PortalGuard, Active Directory integration is the cornerstone upon which we have built a strong, seamless Authentication Solution. Whether it is for employee Single Sign-on to both Cloud and Local applications, self-service password reset for your external customer portal, or adding a second factor requirement to your AD credentials to better secure your network – PortalGuard has you covered.

PortalGuard makes this seemingly large and scary process easy by starting the implementation process with a guided proof-of-concept (POC). This allows you to take our Single Sign-on (SSO) solution for a test drive before deploying in your live environment. Our guided POC grants you access to our full Active Directory SSO solution. A member of our technical support team will assist you with the installation during this trial period to ensure that PortalGuard is deployed correctly in your test environment, allowing you to experience the full effect of our SSO solution.

Password reset is only a click away. The Active Directory Self-service Password Reset tool not only gives the users the power to reset an Active Directory password right from the desktop, but also provides a range of security options like password expiration and password strength. In addition, the PortalGuard SSPR tool seamlessly integrates to multiple directories including Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, LDAP-compliant directories, and custom SQL user repositories. The ability to accomplish self-service password reset is now in your hands – no matter where your users are stored.

Various access scenarios across your organization may drive the need to have a solution that adjusts to specific users requirements. Many solutions will blanket two-factor authentication across your organization, enforcing stronger authentication unnecessarily. PortalGuard provides Two-factor Authentication you can configure; require stronger authentication for individual users, groups or applications, and leave the rest unhindered. For example, you can enforce two-factor authentication when a user accesses a payroll application but require only a password when accessing the email system.

Contextual authentication uses various transparent barriers to prevent unauthorized access and confirm user identities. The transparent barriers can validate multiple aspects of user logins, including the origin location of the login request, the time, the current security of the connected network, etc. These transparent barriers have no impact to the authorized users' authentication but are major hurdles to those who are unauthorized.

PassiveKey is a transparent, Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) generator for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). With PassiveKey®, you can use Active Directory to have the secure login you need, with the usability and convenience that other 2FA methods just do not offer. By creating a PKI encrypted shared secret between a registered device and PortalGuard, PassiveKey® takes the hassle out typical 2FA. In addition to transparent OTP delivery, PassiveKey also offers flexible contextual authentication options for additional security.

Cross-platform compatibility is a major consideration in modern corporate and educational environments. Supporting both Windows and Mac operating systems is not always cut and dry, especially when integrating with Microsoft Active Directory. PortalGuard allows any Mac OS X device to connect with the associated AD with a single set of credentials. Additionally, both Windows and Apple machines are capable of enabling easy and convenient AD password reset in a secure manner. By integrating with AD, PortalGuard allows the Mac user to reset credentials for SAML SSO enabled applications, VPN access, and other associated websites - including the Mac Keychain!