A vast majority of businesses throughout the world are using Active Directory in one form or another as the nexus of the company infrastructure. Proper integration and use of Active Directory opens the door to a wide array of possibilities for auditing, organization and authentication. As the saying goes, “Time is Money,” and with AD, companies are better able to get back the time that is lost with password-related issues and other identity management problems.

Whether you are looking for services on-premises in your environment or in the cloud – there is an Active Directory option that will help you better serve both your organization and your end users without compromising either. It is the perfect way to increase productivity and convenience while reducing your risk.

The days of accessing a secret meeting through a single shared secret have long since passed. Gone are those moments of secrecy; traveling through the shadows, pausing at the flicker of the candle light and letting anyone in on the secret if they know the password. The modern age demands an upgrade, and the verbal code is not enough to prove that you belong. No matter the era of history, authentication will always remain a primary concern. Active Directory offers a logical way to manage identity in the modern digital world, without compromising the security and usability that matters most.