Secret codes, passwords, security phrases – these are all modern names for a much more archaic practice. As far back as the Ancient Egyptians, codes and various secrets were in place to deter anyone from obtaining specific information unless they were already in the know. It is a testament to the complexity of human nature that secrecy and security has been such a staple in our culture over so vast a time.

In the modern age, passwords, security questions, shared secrets – these are all aspects of identity management. Our numbers have increased since ancient times, and the rise of the digital era has required an evolution in both identity management and access control.The chief player at the center of this evolution is none other than Microsoft Active Directory.

In this paper you will learn why Active Directory is effective at identity management and why so many organizations still make use of it as their Central User Repository. Whether youare looking to stay locally on-premises or journey into the Cloud – Active Directory will serve you well, and PortalGuard can help.