IIS Installation

Use the PortalGuard.MSI to install PortalGuard on IIS. If you are installing on Windows Server 2008 or later, ensure you have installed the following feature roles prior to launching the MSI:

  1. All the Web Server Management Tools role services
  2. All the Application Development role services
  3. All IIS 6 Management Compatibility role services
  4. All Security role services

The MSI is wizard-based and will quickly guide you through the installation. When the MSI is complete, PortalGuard is ready to be configured and will be operational in a matter of minutes.

If you see the following dialog near the beginning of the MSI, please ensure all Management Tool roles are installed.

You may also need to run the MSI from an administrative/elevated command prompt. From the Start button, type “cmd”, right-click the shortcut and choose “Run as administrator”, then login with the admin account if/when prompted.

At the DOS prompt, change directory to the location of the PortalGuard MSI, then enter:

msiexec.exe /i “PortalGuard (64-bit).msi”