PortalGuard Help Desk Console

This section describes the PortalGuard Help Desk Console ("HD Console"). It provides your IT Help Desk with a way of managing users' PortalGuard settings and their network passwords.


Some of the Help Desk Console's key features include:

  • Clear PortalGuard's lock on a user's profile
  • Reset a user's network password
  • Expire the user's password within PortalGuard
  • Clear specific PortalGuard fields
  • Clear all PortalGuard fields from a user's profile
  • Automatic username look-up/type-ahead. The HD Console has direct integration with PortalGuard so it leverages the same LDAP connectivity settings requiring no additional setup.

How It Works

The HD Console is simply a web application that leverages the PortalGuard API once the user has been successfully authenticated. You use your webserver's standard authorization configuration to ensure only the proper users have access to the HD Console.