Help Desk Console

This component is described in the overview section.

Installation Requirements

The PortalGuard Help Desk Console (HD Console) runs on the following servers:

  • Microsoft IIS 6.0 or higher (Win2003 or higher)

IIS Installation

The files for the Help Desk Console are automatically installed by the PortalGuard server MSI. The default location is C:\InetPub\PortalGuard\PG_HelpDesk.

Authorize Users

  1. In the User Repository configuration in PG_Config.exe, go to the Help Desk tab. From here you can add usernames as “Global Admins” or create Help Desk regions that have limited visibility/authority within the directory. The value must be the username provided by the Help Desk user when they login to PortalGuard. If PortalGuard is configured to authenticate against Active Directory use the sAMAccountName here.
  2. Save the change to the User Repository – this will automatically update the proper web.config file so IIS allows the user.

Using the Help Desk Console

To access the PortalGuard Help Desk Console, simply open a browser and access the URL:


NOTE: Substitute the hostname or IP address of your PortalGuard server in the URL above.

  1. When prompted by the PortalGuard UI, log in with an account that was authorized in the Update web.config File section. The HD Console start page opens:

  1. Find the user or users to update. Type the user's last name or username in the Search field to automatically search your LDAP directory. You need to enter at least two characters before the automatic search occurs.
  2. Select the name from the blue box that appears to copy it to the Selected Users field.
  3. Continue this process until all target users are listed. To delete a user, highlight the name in Selected Users and click the Remove button.
  4. Click Next to advance the wizard
  5. Now choose the action you want to perform on the user(s). Only a single action can be performed at a time:

  1. Click Next to advance the wizard or Back to modify the user list
  2. Confirm the action and selected users on the last page. Click Back to modify the user list or action. Click Execute to make the requested changes.

  1. The last page shows the status of the action. Click the Return home link at the top to return to the initial start page.