PortalGuard Desktop

1) Error 1904 “IE_RBA_Toolbar.dll failed to register” on Windows XP

The following error occurs when installing the PortalGuard Desktop on Windows XP Service Pack 2 or earlier. The DLL registration fails because the IE_RBA_Toolbar.dll requires WLANAPI.dll which was added in Service Pack 3 of Windows XP. This is not an issue on later versions of Windows.

To resolve the problem, install Windows XP Service Pack 3 and manually register the DLL using the following DOS commands below executed as an administrator:

cd "\Program Files\PistolStar\PortalGuard Desktop"

regsvr32 IE_RBA_Toolbar.dll


The PortalGuard PassiveKey data is stored separately for each user in:

%APPDATA%\Roaming\PortalGuard Desktop\TTT

The “pgdcreds.dat” file in this folder contains the user’s public/private key pair and signed certificate from the PortalGuard Certificate Authority. This file is encrypted with AES-256 using a randomly generated 64-character key.

The “pw.enc” file in this folder contains the encryption key for pgdcreds.dat. It is strongly bound to the user’s Windows profile through Microsoft’s DPAPI encryption. This ensures neither file can be copied and used by a different user.

The “enrollment.log” file in this folder contains troubleshooting information of the user’s enrollment process.

If either the pgdcreds.dat or pw.enc files are missing, then the enrollment process did not complete. The pgdcreds.dat file should be approximately 8 KB in size. If it is less, then the enrollment process was only partially successful. Please email the enrollment.log file to techsupport@portalguard.com with a zipped copy of the PortalGuard server’s “PG_log.txt” file (default location: C:\Program Files\Pistolstar\PortalGuard\Logs).