Detailed Trace Logging

If the PortalGuard Event Logging did not help you identify and resolve the problem, please do the following:

  1. Launch PG_Config.exe
  2. Click the "Edit bootstrap" button
  3. On the "Base" tab, set the Log Level field to "Trace" and click the Save button:

  1. Apply the change to the PortalGuard run-time configuration

Once Trace logging has been enabled, continue with the steps below

  1. Reproduce the problem
  2. Find the file PG_Log_YYYY-MM-DD.txt which is in the C:\Program Files\Pistolstar\PortalGuard\Logs folder by default. The file name above is the template where:
    1. YYYY is replaced by the 4-digit year
    2. MM is replaced by the 2-digit month (01-12)
    3. DD is replaced by the 2-digit day (01-31)
  3. Zip or compress the log file
  4. Email it to with a description of the problem and any applicable screenshots illustrating the issue
  5. After reproducing the error, you can set the Log Level back to its previous value to prevent any extraneous logging