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A Game Winning Approach: Balancing Security and Usability



Whether stepping to the plate, positioning for the touchdown, choosing a golf club, or guarding the goal from the puck, each player must choose an approach for each play, impacting the game for a win or a loss. For example, a baseball player’s approach to each pitch impacts when he will swing at a fastball, which pitch he waits for, or where in the strike zone he will hit the next ball resulting in a hit or an out.


Like an athlete, everyone has a different approach to life choices. Some approaches are better than others having a greater impact on yourself or your company. What about your approach to web application security? Does your solution have an approach that ensures logins are not exposing you or your team to stalkers and hackers just waiting to snatch identities and personal information at any given login without bogging down the user? Be sure your solution is balancing the best of both security and usability!

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Below are 10 questions you should ask yourself when deciding whether a security approach is both secure and usable:


  1. Is it innovating user authentication with patented technology?
  2. Does it have smooth integration and scalability within your business?
  3. Does it incorporate a highly intuitive user interface for web, desktop, and mobile that will streamline and empower end-users?
  4. Will it positively impact your business results using strategic resources?
  5. Will it provide insight into both a historical and detailed activity perspectives?
  6. Does its on-premise turnkey solution set provide a balance between security and usability?
  7. Can it brand your web application user interface and seamlessly interface into your company environment?
  8. Can it configure independent user directories for employees, contractors, suppliers, and vendors?
  9. Is its password reset centralized to support roaming users?
  10. Do they have customer-driven philosophy?


Not having security and usability in your approach to web application is setting you up for a strikeout. Answering yes to all the above questions, PortalGuard guarantees a unique approach with an “Affordable All-In-One Authentication Alternative,” giving your team the win against the hacktivists.

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Rob Bellefeuille

Author: Rob Bellefeuille

Rob is a Project Manager at PistolStar, Inc. in Bedford, NH. Upon completing his degree in Advertising from Southern New Hampshire University, he gained experience working in marketing in the greater Boston area. His current position has him focusing on bringing authentication solutions to education institutions and retailers worldwide.

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