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Self Service Password Reset

Searching for a Self Service Password Reset Solution? Top 5 Things to Consider

Self Service Password Reset When searching for a new solution, it is always best to walk in educated, this will ensure that you are making a solid purchasing decision that you will be happy with for years to come. This is why we have taken a moment and put together the top five things to consider when searching for a self service password reset solution for your environment.

5. Easy Integration
One of the main reasons you are looking to deploy self service password reset solution is to streamline access. This should start from the beginning with installing the solution in your environment. Your ideal Self Service Password Reset solution should be a plug and play set up, integrating seamlessly with whatever your repository may be: Active Directory, general LDAP, or even custom SQL tables.

4. Consistent User Interface
Keeping a consistent UI is important to reduce user training and increase adoption of the self service password reset solution. Furthermore, it is important that the UI is cross functional and will appear the same no matter if the user is operating on a Mac, PC, tablet, or mobile phone.

3. Great Technical Support
Choosing a company that backs their product with excellent technical support is a must. This means finding a vendor that does not farm out their solution to a third party service, that has no real experience with the product, or is only reading from scripts. When the technical support is provided by someone within the company or works with the product, you are much more likely to have a productive experience.

2. Configurable
Being able to enforce your own password policies is a crucial part of the self service password reset experience. Making the Self Service Password Reset solution your own includes: establishing your own challenge questions, how many they need to answer, controlling password complexity criteria, and choosing any OTP delivery methods. An Self Service Password Reset solution worth its salt will allow you to match your security policies and risk tolerances, whatever they may be.

1. Easy Reporting/ROI
The number one thing to look for is if the solution offers a good way to compile reporting for both projected and historical savings. The best way to prove that your self-service password reset solution is actually working is to look at the numbers and see how much money you are saving each month, quarter, and year with this solution in place.

This list is meant to stimulate your mind, so you can identify things that you may not have considered previously. If you are looking for more information and tips on things to look for when searching for an Self Service Password Reset solution, I would like to invite you to view a webinar I had hosted. Learn more by viewing my webinar, “Get Out of the Password Reset Business!

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Rob Bellefeuille

Author: Rob Bellefeuille

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