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security and usability

The Future of Authentication: Balance Between Security and Usability

security and usability

Tokens, access barriers, and multiple passwords are all ways to heighten security, but these are also a great way to kill the usability of a login. With the intense rise of hacktivists and breaches exposing organizations’ data, it is understandable that many organizations are implementing two factor methods to protect the sensitive data that is like a sitting duck, waiting to be poached.


But what about usability?

The accepted belief is if you want to increase security, it will come at the cost of usability. With most methods of authentication, sacrificing the balance between security and usability is definitely the case. Let me show you how an identity login solution can be both secure and usable.


With a transparent solution enrolled on the user’s device, the user logs in as normal with just their password (increased usability). A one-time token is transparently generated and transmitted to a secure server where it is validated based on a shared secret between the two (strengthened security).  Without this solution enrolled on their device, a remote hacker that uses the same password that he has guessed or stolen is unable to gain access because he does not have the one-time token or the shared secret upon which it is based. . . ACCESS DENIED and balance restored between security and usability.


In addition to this restored balance between security and usability, an organization will undoubtedly benefit from increased productivity and fewer helpdesk calls, resulting in a positive ROI.


Many are now turning to PortalGuard’s new product, PassiveKey, to bring all the security one would get from the traditional identity logins without ever negatively impacting the end user. The future of authentication is here! To learn more about how you can restore the balance between security and usability in your environment, visit PortalGuard’s PassiveKey page.


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Rob Bellefeuille

Author: Rob Bellefeuille

Rob is a Project Manager at PistolStar, Inc. in Bedford, NH. Upon completing his degree in Advertising from Southern New Hampshire University, he gained experience working in marketing in the greater Boston area. His current position has him focusing on bringing authentication solutions to education institutions and retailers worldwide.

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