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Password Management

Press Release: Get the Level of Password Management Your Campus NEEDS for Office 365

Password Management

BEDFORD, NH– (Marketwire – June 25, 2014) – Today, PistolStar, Inc. announced the integration of its PortalGuard product with Office 365. This integration will give administrators the power to choose the level of convenience and security, password management, they desire for their students and faculty while accessing Office 365, including:


Self Service Password Reset (SSPR)

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Two-factor Authentication


With PortalGuard integrated with Office 365, schools now get the level of password management they need. Gregg Browinski, CTO of PistolStar, Inc. comments on the level of password management and security with PortalGuard. “Using Office 365 guarantees 99.9% uptime for your campus email infrastructure, but this benefit is moot if students forget their passwords and can’t login. Federating Office 365 with a local ADFS instance can allow SSO but this just pushes a ‘forgotten password’ scenario further back to the desktop login and still lacks stronger two-factor authentication or self-service password reset options.” Browinski continues, “Swapping PortalGuard in place of ADFS in this architecture can provide standards-based web SSO and highly flexible SSPR from a single, tightly integrated, brandable, login interface.”

Using PortalGuard’s SSPR, students and faculty are given the power to reset their passwords from the web or desktop, reducing help desk calls and increasing ROI. SSO streamlines the login and reduces the barriers to access; with just a single login, the students and faculty gain access to all of their authorized applications, including: Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, Banner, Google Apps, and Office 365. Strengthening the security and increasing usability is a must for any campus that wants to protect against hacktivists and ease logins for users.


PortalGuard provides you with the level of password management your campus needs. Learn more about PortalGuard®’s seamless integration for Office 365 and other education applications or visit our Identity Management Education Page.

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Rob Bellefeuille

Author: Rob Bellefeuille

Rob is a Project Manager at PistolStar, Inc. in Bedford, NH. Upon completing his degree in Advertising from Southern New Hampshire University, he gained experience working in marketing in the greater Boston area. His current position has him focusing on bringing authentication solutions to education institutions and retailers worldwide.

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