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Solve Tough Authentication Challenges

Migrating? Merging? Solve Tough Authentication Challenges

Solve Tough Authentication Challenges

Let’s face it. Your company has a very diverse workforce, with some staff working on different devices in different locations. Some work exclusively on the road, others remotely, at a cubicle in your office, and everything in between. With so many user scenarios, it can make your deployment of a new authentication solution that much more difficult to deploy.

Sometimes upper management and other departments think that “flipping the switch” when deploying a new solution is the best plan of attack. But realistically, an approach like that is likely to waste time and possibly cost your company a lot more money and resources than needed and won’t solve tough authentication challenges. However, with a planned phased approach, you deploy a solution with very little downtime and high adoption rates.


The phased approach can greatly work in your favor to solve tough authentication challenges in a few different ways.

Phasing a new solution into place has been proven by many companies to be the most efficient and productive way to deploy a new solution and solve tough authentication challenges. Although, on paper this approach looks long and drawn out; when it is executed methodically, it can dramatically reduce the amount of downtime that the IT Department needs to spend addressing smaller issues.

In a phased approach, you can deploy the new solution to only select groups at a time to ensure as little downtime as possible for both IT staff and employees. For instance, your upper management, they typically have access to the most important information within a company. So deploying the solution to them first not only makes sense because of the type of information they handle, but furthermore they may be able to assist your IT team when deploying as questions pop up from people within their respective departments.

Even though a phased approach is the best way to deploy a new solution, not all solutions allow for this type of deployment and solve tough authentication challenges. It is important that you find an authentication solution that allows for this type of integration. Many companies, schools, and organizations turn to the authentication experts at PortalGuard. Their authentication solutions allow you to execute a phased deployment easily and effectively.

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Rob Bellefeuille

Author: Rob Bellefeuille

Rob is a Project Manager at PistolStar, Inc. in Bedford, NH. Upon completing his degree in Advertising from Southern New Hampshire University, he gained experience working in marketing in the greater Boston area. His current position has him focusing on bringing authentication solutions to education institutions and retailers worldwide.

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