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self-service password reset

A Call to Arms: Self-service Password Reset

self-service password reset

You are an elite, heroic knight on an epic quest to protect the Kingdom from the perils of the outside world. As people’s protector, your sworn duty is to uphold the peace and provide a safe haven for them to flourish. It matters not the plight of the collective realm, whether they require the basic necessities to live or protection from the hordes of undead, you must not fail.


Not that all end users are ignorant and defenseless, but I am sure you can agree, that when someone calls the helpdesk to reset their forgotten password, there are far more dire matters that require your utmost attention. After all, a knight’s responsibility does not end at their “job description.”


If you were to empower these end users to become independent, your most prized sword and shield could be utilized to fight the real threat . . . zombies! By educating end users on self-service password reset, and not doing for them, you will bestow upon them self-reliance, and in the words of the great William Wallace, “FREEDOM!”


Oh mighty IT hero, the time has come to take up arms and self-service password reset! Your helpdesk urgently needs to stop resetting passwords and focus on repelling the unrelenting horde storming your gates.


The start of your perilous journey will not be easy, you are first tasked with a quest to discover a humble and practical self-service password reset solution. This is imperative to your cause, as it will be the foundation on which all else will be built upon. Lead the charge and empower your people because it is a dark and dangerous world out there!

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Jason Garfagna

Author: Jason Garfagna

Jason is a Project Manager at PistolStar, Inc. in Bedford, NH. He received a degree in Marketing from Mt. Washington College and spent over eight years as a manager of sales in the customer service industry. His current position has him focusing on providing authentication solutions to companies worldwide.

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