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Self-service, self reliance

The Age of Self Reliance: Self-service Password Reset

Self-service, self reliance


I think it goes without saying that most of us would want to be known as self-reliant. Not the kind of self-reliance that is an island with no connections or support groups, but rather, self-reliant in every day activities and personal needs. Our society has fostered an environment that makes that possible like never before in history. Gone are the days where telephone operators, gas station attendants, and newspaper boys were a part of all our daily lives. Self-reliance has replaced these necessities with self-service.


I am not here to discuss what kind of sociological impacts self-service will have on future generations or global warming, but I am here to expound on Self-service for Password Management.


Take a moment with me and think of all the things that you can do today completely on your own . . .  Need some help jump starting the ol’ cranium?


Think supermarkets, gas stations, banks, the Internet! Everything from pumping your own gas to checking out at the grocery store has shifted to this wave of Self-service empowerment. The Internet is overflowing with self-service. From the comfort of your recliner and a little WiFi, you can order pizza, check your account balance, submit your work project, stream The Walking Dead, or send flowers to that special someone you met on eHarmony . . . self-reliance.



Nothing goes untouched by this Self-service Wave of Empowerment. With the need to protect personal logins with stronger passwords, the likelihood of forgotten passwords and account lockouts increases. Self-service allows the user to reset their password or unlock their account without assistance from the help desk.


Self-reliance Accomplished!


There are two words beside self-reliance that come to mind when I think of Self-service for Password Management: Convenience and Empowerment!



I like the definition that has for the word Convenience: “the state of being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty.” Self-service brings to Password Management just that – “the ability to proceed  . . . with little effort or difficult.”  When faced with a forgotten password or account unlock you are able to reset or recover you password, and move on with your busy life in a matter of seconds. Now that is convenience!



Empowerment is infusing someone with the necessary tools/knowledge to independently accomplish something.  With Self-service for Password Management, the end user is empowered with the tools needed to reset/recovery their own password without the need to call the help desk.


Password Management and stronger authentication is something that no individual or organization should go without in this age of hacktivists and cybercrime! The Department of Homeland Security put out some great tips to stay safe online in their last press release “Department of Homeland Security Kicks Off National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2014.”


Self-service is necessary when implementing a Password Management solution to your organization. Without it, you take away convenience, empowerment, and self-reliance. Confidently increase the security in your environment with a self-service solution that empowers your end users to be self-reliant!



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