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Password Recovery

It’s Me! I Just Forgot Who I Am! Password Recovery

Password Recovery

It’s Me! I Just Forgot Who I Am! Password Recovery

10:38PM, sitting at desk, just me and my computer . . .


What!? Not again . . .


It’s me! I just forgot who I am!  [click . . .typing . . .]

I know I should change my password often, but I like the one I have. [typing . . .] Yes, I also know that I should NEVER make a password related to me, BUT how will I ever remember it. [sigh . . . click . . . typing . . .]


Hmmm, [sipping coffee] they say passwords will go away someday, but it’s clearly not today. [click , click . . . typing]  It is so nerve racking when I fat finger my password to my bank account. Oh, NO! I only have two more tries until my account locks! [sip] Well, I do know that if someone guesses my password, they now become “me!” Yikes! [typing . . .] Now for my work related passwords! [grumble . . . typing . . .]




UGH! I knooow I forgot my password, but I know my mother’s maiden name! [click, click]


I just want my password back!





Yes, It’s Happened to All of Us

Password recovery is nothing new. As a matter of fact, I would go as far to say that everyone has recovered a password at least once in his/her life. It’s okay, it happens to the best of us. With the onslaught of warnings against weak passwords and the plethora of articles that give the perfect formula for the Einstein password, it is no wonder we are all a little frustrated.



Password Reset or Recovery: There is a Difference

Did you know there is a difference between password reset and password recovery? There is! With password reset, you are replacing your current password. With password recovery you get your current password back, and with the right self-service password recovery solution, you can say goodbye to all your password exasperations. Whether using a Mac or Windows, a self-service password recovery solution can eliminate having to call the helpdesk or getting locked out of your account . . . again.

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