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SaaS Tech Brief

Let the Professionals Build: SaaS Tech Brief

SaaS Tech Brief

Let the Professionals Build: SaaS Tech Brief

I am a builder. I enjoy building homes and even small developments. People do not occupy the homes I build, but they are still beautiful homes never the less. I do not use any nails, screws, or shingles when building, just beautiful wooden logs.  Yes, that’s right; when it comes to building with Lincoln Logs, I am a pro! I can build a house that is a few inches tall and a few inches wide. But the truth is, if I needed a house that I could actually live in, I would need to call in the professionals.


Countless SaaS providers are facing a similar issue today except without the Lincoln Logs. They might have the experience and resources to provide strong authentication and security to their users. The question is should they try to develop these on their own, or should they call in the professionals? PortalGuard’s SaaS tech brief, How PortalGuard Empowers SaaS Providers with Seamless Authentication Experiences, expounds on this difficult decision:

“As a SaaS provider delivering business services through the cloud, you need to ensure easy authentication to your online environment. If you are providing accounting services, accountants and bookkeepers must verify their identities before accessing their client company’s ledgers and financial records. If you are managing employee benefits for multiple firms, HR managers and employees are going to log into their own accounts and update their files. If you are supporting logistics in the cloud, dispatchers expect to connect securely to their own firm’s route planning and scheduling applications without any difficulties.


To win and build market share, you must deliver a compelling customer experience through your cloud-powered services. Authentication is the gateway to this experience. If customers cannot easily authenticate and quickly verify their identities, they cannot access your SaaS application, no matter how elegantly designed and useful it is.


Identity management presents continuing challenges. As you roll out your SaaS application and introduce additional business services, your customers are going to insist on adequate security through strong authentication. Moreover, their expectations are going to increase over time. Your authentication capabilities should be integral features of your SaaS application, not just afterthoughts.


As a SaaS provider, it is important to assess your product development options and weigh the costs and benefits of developing identity management capabilities on your own. Building your own solution requires technologies and skills—testing for security vulnerabilities, continually enhancing authentication capabilities to account for new threats and risks, and investing in the programming resources to develop and maintain the code.


These costs can rapidly add up. When the technical features, price, and terms for an identity management solution are right, savvy SaaS providers will focus their development efforts on areas of competitive advantage and acquire authentication capabilities from an experienced ISV.”


Continue reading How PortalGuard Empowers SaaS Providers with Seamless Authentication Experiences, and don’t let the build vs. buy decision consume you! Sit back, relax, and let the professionals do the work for you.

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