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SAML Single Sign-On




That’s great, all your users are now being authenticated by the same user repository.  One account and one password for you to maintain for each employee is a great accomplishment.  The system is highly scalable and will allow your company to grow and add on hundreds, if not thousands, of new users effortlessly.  What you didn’t account for is that all those new users are going to be accessing the same repository many times a day for multiple applications.  One repository, many providers that rely on that authentication source, and even more users create quite the narrow bottleneck.


The masses will be happy to be free of so many passwords, but as more users and resources are added to the system, login times are going to slow down more and more.  And once again, you will be the scape goat.  Every time someone needs to login to any resource throughout the day, the single authentication service will be employed and will only be able to keep up for so long until your users will experience longer and longer wait times during logins.


A new nut to crack!  Think of all these dilemmas as job security for us IT folks.  No technical issues, no paycheck, right?  To take it to the next level for your users, let’s introduce SAML SSO (Security Assertion Markup Language Single Sign-on).  Google developers give more details on SAML in this article.  Once a user is authenticated through a SAML Identity Provider, the SAML token used to verify the user’s identity to the destination service provider is created; the token will stay with that user as they navigate to other protected resources.  A single SAML token can be used to authenticate a user to multiple locations with only the single initial login.


Should you now feel the need to deal with a bottleneck, you can get out of work on time (or perhaps even earlier) and head out with your friends for your favorite libation.


Learn more about SAML SSO and how PortalGuard can ease or prevent the unwanted bottleneck in your environment.

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Larry Conroy

Author: Larry Conroy

Larry is a Technical Support/Developer here at PistolStar. With a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, he has worked for Raytheon, and then moved on to other corporations, such as Kronos, Axent, and Applied Microsystems. Over the last ten years Larry has specialized in improving and growing the support process, previously and within PistolStar Inc.

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