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Pack Those Authentication Fears Away: Authentication


Moving. Ah! Just the sound of this word brings shivers up my spine and a pit in my stomach. As boxes begin to stack up so does the confusion of which box has what in it. Trying to find something that is already packed away is nearly impossible. Many IT professionals have the same feeling about implementing Two-Factor Authentication as they do with moving. Both tasks are necessary and both tasks take an extended amount of time to preform or implement.

Just as professional movers help ease the dreaded task of moving, certain 2FA solutions help make the transition to stronger authentication easy. PortalGuard’s Crossroads tech brief, Navigating the Authentication Crossroads, expounds on these difficulties:

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“There’s no question about the necessity of two-factor authentication to strengthen the security of your IT environment. With the advent of mobile experiences and the increasing digitization of the workplace, it’s essential to verify the identities of people accessing your applications and network environments. Simple username/password combinations are no longer sufficient.


You’ve made the decision to add at least a second factor for authenticating end users and validating they are who they claim to be before granting them access to your computer systems and web-based solutions, but now you are facing implementation and migration challenges. Perhaps you are building upon a small initiative where you first introduced two-factor authentication to just a few people and are considering a larger effort. Perhaps you have no prior experience and decide to enhance authentication for all of your end users as a single initiative.


How should you navigate the authentication crossroads? Implementing two-factor authentication does not have to be difficult and clear communication is essential. As you plan for your organization-wide rollout, be sure to consider how end users will generate and access this second factor, and what you need to communicate to them in order to get started. They may require a one-time password retrieved from their mobile phones or from hardware tokens, or they may need to provide responses to second or third password challenges. Whatever your two-factor authentication capabilities are, it is important to clearly communicate how to set up the additional factors.”


Continue reading how PortalGuard provides the essential capabilities for successfully navigating the authentication crossroads. IT professionals pack up and move on out of the drudgery of implementing stronger authentication; the professionals are here to help!

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