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DDOS Attacks

Know Your Enemy: DDOS Attacks

DDOS Attacks

DDOS Attacks: Know Your Enemy

Under the heavy weight of your responsibility, you must forever remain on high alert. To stay one step ahead of the perils of this world, you must delve into the mind of the opposition and fathom what makes them tick. You must become one with the shadows, you must know your enemy.

But where to begin? It’s difficult to say, mighty IT Hero, for your adversaries are limitless and are always evolving.


Let us first look upon a villain that has recently plagued the mighty heroes of Azeroth as they attempted to venture through the Dark Portal.

Name: Distributed Denial of Service attack (AKA DDOS):

Origin: It is commonly believed that DDOS is derived from Troll origins, as its actions are reminiscent of other seemingly pointless and destructive Troll behavior that has plagued the internet in the past.

Traits: Stealth, Spreading Viruses, consuming resources, halting productivity

Likes: Uneducated PC owners, Long walks on the beach, and Justin Bieber

Dislikes: Everyone, especially new born kittens


This foul creature spreads its pestilence far and wide, infecting PCs with virus and worms that corrupt innocent citizens to do its evil bidding. This general of the undead manipulates its army of infected PCs to strategically flood a kingdom with invalid data requests. These unrelenting requests overload a network’s bandwidth and devours a system’s resources causing it to completely shut down.


This creature is quite clever as it disguises these false requests making it difficult to distinguish between a mindless undead soldier and a trusted ally. These tactical and cunning attacks efficiently deny a citizen from entering the kingdom and halts productivity in its tracks. It is a nasty adversary and should not be taken lightly, as it has the power to cripple a kingdom on a whim. Beware IT Hero. Beware!

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Jason Garfagna

Author: Jason Garfagna

Jason is a Project Manager at PistolStar, Inc. in Bedford, NH. He received a degree in Marketing from Mt. Washington College and spent over eight years as a manager of sales in the customer service industry. His current position has him focusing on providing authentication solutions to companies worldwide.

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