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How to Successfully Pair Two Different 2FA Solutions On One Server

2FA Solutions

How to successfully pair two different 2FA solutions on one server


Stronger authentication is a much needed security measure in modern cyberspace. This protection is there to thwart away unwanted evils from breaking into your system to disrupt or steal your data. A good anti-virus software and firewall will protect your information to a point, but incorporating two-factor authentication is needed to provide a higher level of protection and prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.


Mergers and Acquisitions


However, in the ever-changing corporate landscape, mergers tend to happen regularly which can make things slightly confusing for employees. During a merger it is highly unlikely that a non-technical employee would even consider the technical headache that can come along with such a move. You have many things to consider from a technical side: AD mergers, payroll systems, database mergers, networking, and don’t forget about the security end too!


In the case that company A merging with company B has different forms of two-factor authentication running it can be very tricky. Decisions need to be made about which one to keep, which one to shed and how these actions will play out with as little negative impact on the daily workflow.


Change is not needed


“Hold the phone, you mean we don’t need to change either company’s 2FA solution?” –CIO


This is correct! There is a way to effectively bridge the two different systems to access the same AD server. This can be achieved by finding a solution that is designed to handle multiple 2FA one-time-password delivery methods. “Many companies turn to the experts at PortalGuard when they are in this authentication situation.” Said Emily Palmer, team member at PortalGuard.


“Mergers and acquisitions are very common in today’s marketplace and we look to simplify the process from an authentication standpoint.” Palmer continued. “We can often make the correct adjustments needed without disturbing any daily business.”


How it works and what to look for


When considering a solution to perform, you must understand what you are looking for and how it works. The solution provider must have the flexibility to segment users into specific groups /or roles. This can prove to be beneficial even for those looking to achieve the differing levels of access within a company, for instance executive teams that need access to private company information.


By segregating the users into these specific groups, you will be able to successfully run multiple two-factor authentication, one-time password delivery methods at the same time.

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