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Self-service Password Reset Solution Deployment

Self-service Password Reset Solution Deployment


Self-service Password Reset Solution Deployment

If your company is plagued by too many login prompts, forgotten passwords, and account unlocks, you are certainly not alone. These are problems that hound companies worldwide and have caused companies to allot funding for the appropriate solution. With the steady increase in the appearance of these problems, the need for an adequate response is almost oppressive. Finding a solid solution is only half the battle, however, and deploying it successfully is the other half.


Matching your technical needs can be challenging enough, with so many different solutions on the market. Honestly, it can be hard to figure out who will provide you with the best match. Aside from technical needs, you also need a solution that is financially accessible to your budget. That’s enough to consider in and of itself, but what else is there?


A partnership with a solution provider should extend beyond the actual software itself. A strong provider will give you the solution you need, and the tools to successfully execute all aspects of the software: including the deployment.

Self-Service Password Deployment Struggles

When it comes to a self-service password reset solution deployment, getting your end users to register their accounts in order to utilize the solution to its full capacity can be a real challenge. Just telling someone they need to go to a site and register their account will only get you so far. The likelihood of the end-user actually following your directions may be pretty slim. However, if the deployment is planned correctly, you will receive better results.


But how do you know what will be successful?


You could talk to others in your IT community about what they have done in similar situations, you could Google it, or you could talk with an expert on the matter. Think of Columbus: he set off to find India and ended up discovering America. He had one goal in mind, with good intentions, and he ended up on the wrong side of the world. If Columbus had had an expert guide to get him to India, history would read completely different. Trust me, you don’t want to go to deploy your solution and end up on the wrong side of the world.

Expert Planning

So, you have found the perfect solution, and it is firing on all cylinders; technical and financial needs are met, and you are well on your way to declare success on the project. But wait, how the heck are you going to deploy this thing successfully? This could be a serious roadblock.


It does not have to be.

Here at PortalGuard, we’ve got your back. We have built a self-service password reset solution deployment plan for you to cap off the project and call it a success. PortalGuard provides clients with a best practices document called the Deployment Kit. This kit is filled to the brim with expert knowledge that was compiled by working with clients individually, and discussing the hurdles they faced, and how they were overcome.


Within the Deployment Kit you will find everything you need to promote a successful deployment with high user adoption rates. This ranges from a user’s guide, email notification templates, branding suggestions, and even documents to help prepare your IT department to deal with the new solution.


“We put this kit together last fall after talking with a number of clients that expressed that their deployments were challenging.” Said Jason Garfagna, Project Manager at PortalGuard. “We took the information they provided and how they overcame these hurdles and put together this kit together to help curb these problems for our new clients moving forward. The response from our prospects and clients has been fantastic! They are pleased to see that a company is really offering advice that will help them through what can be a daunting task.”

The Full Package

You might expect that something like the Deployment Kit would come with a premium price tag attached. This is not the case though. PortalGuard keeps things in check and understands that high value does not need to come with a six-figure price tag. Our solutions pack a lot of value with a very palatable price tag. We make this possible by not associating a per-user or per-application cost with our authentication solutions. These solutions include self-service password reset, single sign-on, and flexible two-factor authentication to provide your organization with added security on your terms.

Self-Service Password Reset Solution Deployment



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