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SC Magazine names PortalGuard Best Buy in Authentication


PistolStar’s PortalGuard is recognized for its expert support and functionality surrounding its all-in-one authentication extensions including multi-factor authentication, web-based single sign-on (SSO) through Internet Information Services (IIS) and self-service password reset server and applications


PortalGuard is an excellent product for that first step into dual-factor authentication


BEDFORD, NH (PRWEB) April 19, 2015

Today, PistolStar Inc., announced the SC Magazine publication and review of its PortalGuard product as the2015 Best Buy in Authentication. PortalGuard is an all-in-one authentication extension that easily enables web-based single sign-on, two-factor authentication, and self-service password management. PortalGuard reduces expense associated with everyday user logins, and relieves the pain that users endure when forgetting or managing different passwords for multiple applications.

SC Magazine focused a great deal on PortalGuard’s customer support. The expertise displayed by PortalGuard representatives is one of the key differentiators in authentication solutions currently on the market. All customer service technicians have either worked on product development or done extensive testing on the product. PortalGuard’s technician experience and effective support allows customers to become better educated on the product from the initial contact, and helps to speed up their own deployment.

Gregg Browinski, PistolStar’s CTO, eagerly spoke about the PortalGuard review; “Best Buy not only means best features; it entails striking the right balance between feature set, functionality, pricing and availability.” With the rise in digital threats in all industries, a strong authentication solution is a must. PortalGuard comes out on top with its loaded feature set and competitive pricing.

Other authentication solutions charge per-user or per-application, ensuring a constant overhead of worry when adding or removing users from the directory. PortalGuard’s impressive value lies in its retention of a flat pricing model regardless of the number of users or applications to integrate. There is no need to count heads when considering cost. It is a broad, wide-reaching solution set that can be easily deployed into any existing environment. “It’s nice to be able to secure our customer’s environments while providing a clean user experience with single sign-on,” said Browinski, when asked about the company’s unique pricing model. “PortalGuard offers this without customers having to make compromises in other areas because of cost.”

PortalGuard also provides flexible integration with a fully customizable user interface. Customers are able to brand any aspect of the software to reduce end-user training or confusion within the environment. The close adherence to industry standards such as ODBC, LDAP, SAML, WS-Fed, CAS and Shibboleth, means that PortalGuard easily integrates with both current and future products. Longevity is a proactive measure that PortalGuard implements from its inception. PortalGuard provides a long-lasting solution that is end-user friendly and fiscally sensible for any industry.

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About SC Magazine

SC Magazine is a well-established magazine, both here in the United States, as well as overseas in the United Kingdom. It is well respected in terms of bringing unbiased information to Information security professionals in various industries. Their focus is on arming “information security professionals with the in-depth, unbiased business and technical information they need to tackle the countless security challenges they face.” Find out more at

About PistolStar, Inc.

PistolStar, Inc. is an authority on authentication software with a focus on delivering high quality authentication solutions that focus on maintaining a balance between usability and security. PistolStar, Inc.’s mission is to help you build a more adaptive, customer-centric business through innovative authentication solutions. Learn more at

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