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Improve User Experience – Simple and Secure SSO


improve user experience


Whenever a new product or service comes to fruition, it’s good to get feedback. Feedback is crucial in determining a successful venture; if you’re doing something wrong, you need to fix it. If you’re doing something right, on the other hand, then keep it. Implementing positive changes after listening to your customers will not only improve user experience; it will increase the value of your company.


Say, for example, you’re an average office worker or student trying to access your work. You wait for the computer to start up, and then you log in.


Or you try to, at least.


This isn’t the first time you’ve been patient with your computer only to be let down, and it won’t be the last. Logins can be a pain in the neck, even if your computer manages to remember your initial password. What about all the other passwords? If you are going to log in to Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Pandora, etc., do you have ALL of your passwords stored in your mind?


I didn’t think so.

Improve User Experience The Simple Way

Sure, we live in a time of tremendous technological advances, and with these new advancements comes a deeper need to secure your information. But to what extent? How necessary is it to fill out your ‘personal’ information and passwords each time you go to a website? Heck, why does logging in have to be some annoying, repetitive process? In order to improve user experience for your end-user, you need to find a solution!


Logging in doesn’t have to feel this way anymore. If you really want to improve user experience, then take my advice: look for Single Sign-on.


Single Sign-on is a process in which the user logs in once and gains access to all systems without being prompted to log in again at each of them. The best part? With an appropriate password policy in place for that initial login, Single-sign on will not only improve user experience, but make it more secure as well!

Why Single Sign-On?


Most users make the mistake of logging in to multiple programs or applications using the same password, just because it is convenient. By doing this, they make their accounts less secure by opening them up to a simple workaround from a potential attacker. With a single sign-on solution in place, users only need one strong password commited to memory, and other randomized passwords can be created and stored for the remaining programs. You can improve user experience by having a solution that works with you and takes away the hassle of complicated passwords that you will never remember.


If you are trying to get through the work day faster, or at least with a little less stress, SSO may be that heaven-sent solution that changed your life.


Why not take that first step and improve your user experience? I mean, come on: How do YOU feel about logging in to multiple systems, multiple times a day?

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Ashley Wilson

Author: Ashley Wilson

Ashley is the Account Manager at PistolStar, Inc. in Bedford, NH. After receiving her bachelors degree in Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University, her adventurous spirit led her to travel the country for a few years before residing back in NH where she took on a sales role at an insurance agency. She now focuses on managing and maintaining customer relationships and support.

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