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USB Token | Logon Without a Password


USB Token Logon


How many applications and programs did you login to today? Ten? Twenty? I wouldn’t even be surprised if the number was higher than that. With the rate technology is expanding today, every new application and program wants you to sign in with a strong, unique and secure password in an effort to protect your digital self. It’s a rational, understandable measurement that we are all entirely sick of having to deal with these days. The struggle to always have a unique password for every single database or account that we log into is becoming ever more demanding, with no signs of relenting. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use a USB token to login without a password, while still maintaining that level of security that you are familiar with?

USB Token – No Password Necessary


There are various articles and websites around the web that illustrate password strength best practices, or how to maintain a secure online identity. The idea is definitely nothing new. However, alongside this commonplace practice is the risk that your account will get broken into or phished from an outsider. Even Google has recently joined the fray and provided a Chrome Extension that tracks when your password is used outside of Google’s products. It is a telling example of how dependent the digital world is on maintaining a strong, secure presence. To login without a password, even with a USB token, is something almost anyone would be hesitant about in our current digital environment.

Unfortunately, the saturation of information out there just piles on to the initial problem of overwhelming password management issues. We want to be secure, but we are becoming increasingly less so online because of our ever-growing collection of passwords. Everyone knows they need a unique password, but oftentimes users just want a convenient and simple method of accessing their entire repertoire of accounts without any additional hassle. When this desire strikes, it can lead to a constant and dangerous sacrifice of security for the sake of simplicity. Better to adopt a single sign-on solution than to risk your online identity for the sake of convenience; but most users just don’t want to deal with the hassle.

Of course, there are those of us who only find having multiple passwords to be a minor nuisance. We are willing to shell out for a password management solution or just grin and bear it for the sake of security. Even so, using a USB token instead of a password still seems like a dream in our minds because it is difficult to visualize such a solution without the rather obvious drawbacks of being active online without a strong front door. Following best practices is one way of alleviating the struggle with multiple passwords, and a strong single sign-on solution is definitely another. Sometimes, even these solutions are not enough. There are some users out there who still have issues with passwords, despite the pest assistance the Internet may give, and they need a solution as well. Logging in with a USB token could be the answer they are looking for!


For Those Who Cannot Remember or Even Type in a Password 


For some, best practices and single sign-on by themselves just aren’t going to make the grade. The real issue boils down to the practice of manually typing in a password. It doesn’t matter if it is one password or twenty, the issues are in the actual act of inputting the code, as much as it can be about remembering it.

Truly, it is no great secret that each of us are different. Sure, if you were to study the lists of passwords that users are most likely to use, you might think a little differently, but essentially we all have a varied skillset when it comes to using technology. There are some users, spread throughout various industries, who simply lack the ability to remember or type in a password correctly. Despite this, even these users need to maintain a safe and secure online presence. For such users, PortalGuard has a new solution, using a USB token, to login without a password that would help streamline the process in a simple, easy manner. It is a new take on an old mantra – convenience without compromise.


YubiKey Login


Some individuals simply require an easy method without sacrificing secure access. That is the goal behind PortalGuard and their partnership with Yubico. Using the YubiKey USB token, users can streamline the process in order to login without a password in a secure manner. The YubiKey, typically used for multi-factor authentication, replaces the typical password, and also substitutes the need for typing with the simple method of pushing a button. To perform a YubiKey Login, a user need only type in their username, plug the YubiKey into the computer and press the gold disk to insert a unique one-time passcode which automatically logs them into the system. It is a simple process that enables a usable login without sacrificing security.


With the use of YubiKey to login without a password, gone are the troubles of recalling yet another unique password. By pairing this process with a single sign-on solution, password management becomes a simple matter for any end user, and removes the infuriating hassle of all those various passwords. Now, users can login without a password, and are able to achieve the convenience they desire without compromising the security of themselves or their company while online. In the digital world we operate in today, a strong online presence requires secure authentication and convenience without compromise is key.


So if you or your users are suffering from a bit of password fatigue, or the process of recalling and entering a password is a difficult one, try to login without a password using a YubiKey login. It is a simple solution for a very specific problem, and the results will be well worth it when it comes to securing yourself and your end users. Just remember: convenience without compromise.


If you have any questions at all, feel free to comment below or click for a free consultation with the authentication experts themselves!


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