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Does anyone see the pattern here? You are just trying to get through your typical day, but if you’re like me, you’ve realized: there are too many login prompts! You need to access multiple different web based applications in order to perform your job, or even just to navigate your typical web route. Whether an application repeatedly prompts for your password, or you’re constantly jumping from one website to another, such a vast amount of prompts from various web based applications can derail anyone from working effectively and efficiently.

Multiple Web Based Application Logins – The Solution


You best believe there’s an answer to solve all this madness. Thanks to advanced technology and constant upgrades in software systems, there are now multiple Single Sign-on protocols that can help take the sting out of dealing with too many login prompts.


There have been plenty of discussions around how strong a password has to be these days. Add on top of that the fact that every web based application requires its own password that also has to be strong enough to remain secure if your username is compromised, and the need for strong single sign-on seems pretty obvious. Web based applications are dominating the digital world, especially with the continuing migration to mobile web access.


I know I always wanted to find a simple way to remove all the hassle of logging in to everything, while still being secure. There’s nothing worse than opening yourself up to digital attack just because you wanted something a little more convenient. Well, a strong SSO solution can help bridge the gap between these two extremes.


Single Sign-On


Single Sign-on is the ability to sign onto one platform in a system that will then allow you to automatically be connected to all other platforms within that system. Once you sign into one web based application, you will not be required to sign into every single individual login.


According to Social Times, 54% of Facebook users login MULTIPLE times a day. That’s ONE, just one, web based application that people go to everyday. On top of that, that’s just one component of social media, never mind actual work related websites and programs. It all adds up, and taking the time to research a solution can make all the difference between a stress free day, and a headache. Which would you prefer?


Single sign-on is a simple technical process that allows the end user to login to a single portal and allow access across multiple web based applications, which diffuses the whole too many login prompts issue. So whether you’re a student, faculty, tech employee, or president of the USA, do what’s simple, right, and easy.


If you find other solutions regarding too many login prompts, let me know your secrets!

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Author: Ashley Wilson

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