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Mac Keychain Password Recovery | The Challenges


Mac Keychain Password Recovery



As an IT professional working in a mixed Windows and Mac environment, it can sometimes feel like you are working for two separate IT departments. Like oil and water, most procedures and operational functions between the two do not mix. This requires you to always be cognizant of your end users when considering deploying different solutions and software. Although it may seem like a pain, working with the two different operating systems, it makes you a well rounded IT professional and a valuable asset to any company. When it comes to managing passwords on a Windows machine it can be relatively easy to work with and find a solution. Many companies have solutions for this scenario, but if you are looking for a Mac solution, you may have to dig a little deeper to find a solution designed to address the Mac Keychain as well. Don’t despair: there are ways to enable your end users to manage their own passwords with Mac Keychain Password Recovery.

Mac Keychain Password Recovery

As part of the Mac OS security features, the computer stores the passwords and other sensitive information in a “vault” or “keychain.” This allows you to have the device remember your information in a secure manner, while also protecting your data from being breached. This slick function works in conjunction with the username and password that is entered upon logging in, which in turn unlocks the keychain. This is where things can get very tricky when attempting to find an appropriate solution to handle self-service password reset for mac, since there is no known way to reset the password to the vault. It is locked down like Fort Knox.


However, there is still hope.


A user who had the Mac Keychain Password Recovery solution in place can retrieve the forgotten password, allowing the end user to not only gain access to the Mac when a password is forgotten or mistyped, but gain access to their keychain as well. Without a solution like this in place, the initial login can be reset, but the original password is still needed to access the saved keychain. If the correct password is not provided to access the data, the user will be required to start an entirely new password keychain.


Flexible Solutions

As an IT professional you need to consider the whole picture when looking into installing a solution into your environment. Asking yourself questions like: “is it going to solve all of my end-user’s needs?” and “is this solution going to be cost effective?”


In a perfect world, price would not play into anything; your budget would be wide open, with no spending caps. But until we live in a world with unicorns and flying pigs, that is just not going to be the case. This is why one must consider the cost of implementing a solution for the likely subset of Mac users in your organization.


If your Mac users only make up a small percentage of the company, a Mac only solution may be hard to justify. This means you are going to need to find a solution that can work across multiple platforms to get the best bang-for-your-buck. Luckily, PortalGuard offers a flexible solution that is designed to work on both platforms seamlessly.


“I have many clients that come to us looking for the flexibility to work on both platforms within their environment.” said Jason Garfagna, PortalGuard’s Project Manager. “Our Mac Keychain Password Recovery tool is designed to handle the heavy lifting, allowing companies to only have to purchase one solution to handle both Mac OS and Windows users.”


Finding a single solution that is designed to solve problems across different platforms is key. Dealing with more than one vendor can become costly, very time consume, or cause other headaches. If you find yourself in with a certain amount of Mac OS users as well as Windows users, do your homework to find the appropriate solution to enable Mac Keychain password recovery while still maintaining self service password reset for mac and windows in your environment.


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