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Helpdesk Password Reset Solution | The Benefits


Helpdesk Password Reset Solution


I remember college like it was yesterday. The endless fraternity initiations, crazy mixers, dorm hopping parties, thirsty Thursdays. Oh, and then there was the actual going to school part; like taking exams, homework, study halls, getting yelled at by the RA for being to loud, etc, etc. If there was anything in particular I could think of from my four years at college that helped me out quite a bit, it was the computer help desk department; a very popular place located on the East Wing in the Student Center. It was as if they knew me by name in the computer department, and that was unfortunate because…they actually did. It wasn’t because I was an irresponsible student; it was because the stresses of balancing both work and play bogged down my memory. At times, this led me to forget my password. We’ve all forgotten our passwords at one point or another, don’t lie. Unfortunately for me, our campus did not have a helpdesk password reset solution in place.

Here I am, a few years past my prime, working at a software company dealing with just that: authentication security. Looking back, waiting in those long lines, it’s hard to believe there wasn’t a helpdesk password reset solution put in place to decrease those lines and the repetitive password help requests. It’s even harder to believe that in this day and age, many schools, institutions, and companies have yet to relieve themselves of this repetitive torture by finding some kind of helpdesk password reset solution. Now let me introduce you to something that is not only cost saving, or time saving, but it’s something that is as easy as a click of a button.


It is that easy because that’s exactly what is it!


The Pros of a Helpdesk Password Reset Solution

A Self Service password reset solution (SSPR) allows an end user to reset his or her own domain password in Windows Active Directory remotely from a web browser without calling the helpdesk. By implementing SSPR as a helpdesk password reset solution, helpdesk password reset tickets will drop rapidly, saving your IT Department both time and money. Additionally, it also enhances the productivity of both the end users and the IT staff by averting unneccesary waits and time constraints with other projects.


As Wikipedia further explains, Self-service password reset expedites problem resolution for users “after the fact,” and thus reduces help desk call volume. It can also be used to ensure that password problems are only resolved after adequate user authentication, eliminating an important weakness of many help desks such as social engineering attacks. These attacks typically occur where an intruder calls the help desk, pretends to be another user who has forgotten the account password, and asks for a new one. Without appropriate policies in place, these attacks are often successful.


Authentication security, such as self-service password reset, also connects with other important solutions such as single sign-on and two factor authentication. Although a typical college campus may need to focus on decreasing their student password resets (myself being a prime example), it’s important to think of the bigger picture and figure out what alternatives, if any, could possibly be saving you a lot of time and money. Maybe now is the time to consider an alternative helpdesk password reset solution. After all, the quote ‘work hard, play hard’ still applies to my life. But if you can work easier with a new solution then hey, why not?



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Ashley Wilson

Author: Ashley Wilson

Ashley is the Account Manager at PistolStar, Inc. in Bedford, NH. After receiving her bachelors degree in Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University, her adventurous spirit led her to travel the country for a few years before residing back in NH where she took on a sales role at an insurance agency. She now focuses on managing and maintaining customer relationships and support.

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