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Benefits of a Strong Authentication Solution | A Call to Arms



Strong Authentication Solution


Too long had you sought a strong authentication solution to turn the tide of battle against the never-ending onslaught of your enemies. Yet now you rest within your domain; snug and secure behind the layers of defense you have worked tirelessly to place around your sensitive network of users, data, and private information.

Rise brave IT warrior!

Rise and let the world know that you have joined the esteemed ranks of the PortalGuard.

Many have come before you, and many will follow in your footsteps. But know this, hero: never again shall you be alone in your fight against the horde…

You smile to yourself, as if the memory of erecting the strong authentication solution that protects you had happened only yesterday. Your eyes fall lovingly upon the most prominent adornment to your strong authentication solution: the castle walls. Knowing that these walls have never waned under the relentless onslaught of your enemies, you fondly stroke your war-burdened hand across the cool stone.

Assault on a Strong Authentication Solution

Suddenly, as if awaiting your touch, you feel a subtle vibration, originating from beyond the gates. It grows with increasing intensity until it hits your chest with a resounding thud. From up over the high castle walls, you hear the rhythmic beating of drums – filling your city streets with an ominous chorus.

The time to test your mettle has come once again, for the hungering armies of the undead march upon your strong authentication solution. Their target?

The castle gates.

You train your gaze heavenward in time to see the star-filled, black skies ravaged with streaks of crimson, as thousands of fiery boulders streak through the night to rain down upon your ramparts.

Your smile widens at the sight.

“How wasteful,” you whisper.

Strong as your enemies may be, they are no match for the Single Sign-on fortifications you have set.

Without these fortifications to your strong authentication solution, your resources would be exposed and the blazing fury above would shatter them to bits. Instead, you were wise and consolidated your end user’s logins to just the castle gate. The walls are too high to climb, too thick to simply break through. The only way into your domain is through the heavily fortified front door.

Laughing, you watch as your enemy’s bombardment bounces harmlessly off your Single Sign-on portal. If they wish to break through, they have but one option left to them.

You can hear sounds of anger and rage rise from the listless ranks of your enemy, realizing the futility of their ranged assault.

The sound of war-horns echoes though the still air. The ground troops charge, heavily armed and armor-clad, towards your castle gates. They believe your single sign-on solution to be your weakness, and they rush at the chance to tear it down. They are welcome to their beliefs – for your domain is more than prepared to address them.

Among them, running at even pace with the faceless evils abound, you spy familiar, distorted faces. The image of your banner flies, yet it races towards your gate.

The enemies have disguised themselves with known credentials, expecting to sneak through your strong authentication solution unchecked. They hope to grant the oncoming assault a warm, challenge-less welcome. You know that these grunts are trained to attack every entry point of your kingdom exploiting every weakness found therein.

You search for a word to describe their assault, finally settling on the most accurate: futility.


Standing Your Ground

While your Single Sign-on solution consolidates the access points, your Two-factor authentication solution will prevent these clever villains from breaking in with just a user name and password. Nevertheless, you decide to entertain yourself and see your regiment of knights stand at the ready, armed with a 2nd factor, and a strong authentication solution to watch their backs.

The horde descends upon the login portal, throwing themselves haphazardly into a wall of shield and sword. The clash of steel rises quickly and ends abruptly. The dust kicked up from the skirmish hangs thick in the air for a moment before slowly settling down, revealing to you a glorious site. By requiring a Two-Factor load out, your army was able to easily repel the feeble attack with nary a man lost among them.

A triumphant cheer rises up from the castle gates as the attackers signal for their tactical retreat.

Your army of end users rushes forward, enveloping the retreating forces, cutting them off before they regroup with the main body of the horde. If the enemy escapes, they will simply return by the same path that they had come.

Looking at what appears to be easy prey, far afield from their strong authentication solution, the horde of foot soldiers attack your end users with renewed vigor. Having faced your army before, the enemy knows its movements, its style of defense. Your end users are ready, however, with a Self-Service Password Reset solution, enabling the rapid shift in defense to throw off the attacking horde.

Lunging forward, the foot soldiers predictably swing their barbed sword at your end users, secure in the belief that their defense has yet to change. Their blows glance harmlessly off of the reinforced armor of your forces. Benefitting from Self-Service Password reset, your army quickly eliminates the remaining soldiers of the horde.

An immense sense of pride wells up in your chest, as you recall the tireless efforts put forth to empower your end users with Self-Service Password Reset. There was a time, not long ago, when these very same warriors would have been fodder for your enemies.

No more.

Realizing that they have bitten off more than they can chew, you hear the secondary call for retreat bellow from the depths of your enemy’s lines. The remaining ranks of the undead begin to sulk back to the holes they crawled out from, quelled by your impressive strong authentication solution.

As a member of the PortalGuard, protector of your kingdom, you have led a heroic defense against yet another attack from your enemy. Your strong authentication solution has prepared you for any assault, and you smile, knowing that your domain is safe from the horde of evils beyond.


If you seek to learn more, click below to contact the Guard directly and we will be happy to help you bring your enemies to their knees.

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