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Single Sign on Solution | Taking PortalGuard to the Cloud


Cloud Single Sign on Solution

Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Google – they all have their own “cloud” offerings. Some are more substantial than others and the targeted audiences range from large corporations, school districts and universities to software developers and even my parents or kids at home. The buzz words mostly center on ‘the cloud’ and convenience, which I mostly agree with – who says there’s no truth in advertising!? The experts at all those companies have created services that are secure, easy to use and address specific needs. PistolStar is now throwing its hat into the ring as well by offering PortalGuard as a new cloud-based service for single sign on solutions.

Over the past 6 years, PortalGuard has established itself as a leader in the authentication product space. Earlier this year, it earned the maximum 5 star rating and took home the “Best Buy” designation from SC Magazine’s Authentication product review. It provides a best of breed self-service password reset, multi-factor authentication and web-based Single Sign on solution across various verticals with a secure, cost-effective offering.

Up to this point, PortalGuard has only been available as an “on premises” solution. This always required our customers to bear the burden of setting up the Windows server, installing pre-requisites and any ancillary software like SQL Server, managing product and OS upgrade and continuously maintaining high availability.


A strong Two Factor Authentication, Self-Service Password Reset and Single Sign On Solution – Wherever You Need it

Prospects who wanted a cloud-based SSPR, 2FA or single sign on solution were kindly referred to other vendors. With this new Authentication-as-a-Service [“Identity as a Service”?] offering, the same PortalGuard product is hosted as a Microsoft Azure VM and maintained by PortalGuard’s engineers using all the same best practices we already recommend to our on premises customers.

The new hosted service is perfect for customers who:

  • Don’t trust their infrastructure – Network uptime isn’t always a given and maintaining a data center rarely adds value to an organization’s bottom line; just headaches.Cloud Authentication
  • Don’t have adequate technical resources – IT budgets and staffs are stretched thinner than ever. The next manager that encourages his team to “do more with less” hasn’t looked around lately
  • Don’t have the time – IT should be performing projects with the most impact. Installing and
    maintaining an authentication server doesn’t need to be on this list. Using a hosted service can also minimize the time for deployment from weeks and months of planning to a matter days.
  • Have already started shifting to the cloud – Many organizations have already started the shift to the cloud (anyone migrate Exchange to Office 365 or Google Apps lately?). Offering PortalGuard as a hosted solution allows organizations to continue this trend without compromise – enabling a strong turnkey authentication and single sign on solution to provide secure access to your existing apps already in the Cloud.

The end result is the same great product and features that PortalGuard has always offered, now available with less hassle. One difference of note is the price – the hosted model pricing does account for the additional overhead of maintaining a PortalGuard infrastructure in the cloud. The solution is also available in single or multi-tenant mode which can also affect the cost. If you are looking for more information on cloud-based authentication, a new 2FA, SSPR or Single Sign on Solution – please Contact Us or request a free 30-minute consultation!


Single Sign on Solution Consultation


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Gregg Browinski

Author: Gregg Browinski

Gregg, PistolStar’s Chief Technology Officer, oversees PistolStar’s product development and technical support. Prior to joining the company in 2001, he received extensive experience as a developer at IBM Lotus and Iris Associates. Gregg has served as the lead architect and developer for PistolStar’s Password Power suite of authentication solutions. He is responsible for the product’s technical success and the recognition it has received through award nominations.

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