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Software as a Service

There comes a time in the tenure of every IT Warrior where they must take a long look in the mirror and make a tough choice for the betterment of the realm. You hear whispers on the winds of a company of sorcerers devoted to kingdom security – and providing SaaS SSO.

You have fought countless battles in defense of your castle walls. Endless waves of your enemies have crashed against the ramparts only to be dispatched to the fiery domain of the underworld. You have been besieged – yet you remain strong.

The Cost of Victory

All of the triumphs over the forces of evil have come at a great cost. The mundane struggles to keep your kingdom secure have become a constant thorn in your side. It has become a never-ceasing series of needs: for training to keep your troops sharp, for funds to continue employing these troops, and the need to constantly improve the security of your kingdom.

These are the realities of war that cut deep within your IT department budget.

Perhaps an alliance for SaaS SSO would be mutually beneficial for your regimen and your kingdom.

The royal council, whom you have pledged your undying allegiance to, expects complete security. You are their general in the Cyber Security wars, and you are expected to deliver under any circumstances.

The council expects perfection, but is not willing to provide the funds to make it possible. Such is the struggle of a great leader.

Your men are tired. You are at your wit’s end – If only you could find a way to continue your elite level of security, and save some coin in the process.

And perhaps take your troops out for a flagon of ale.

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Alas! This is only one side of that accursed coin. What of usability for you citizens? You stretch your strengths to the limits in order to protect your resources and fight off the hordes of the undead, but at the same time you must provide those in your realm with unimpeded access to necessary resources.

War, it seems, is never easy.

Seeking out Aid

Surely a SaaS SSO solution would ease the heavy burden from your weary shoulders. You have heard tales of these sorcerers throughout the realm – perhaps they might provide aid to your cause. These masters of the arcane can provide a service to your kingdom and relieve some of the struggles that have been draining your coffers.

Let’s face it, security is an ever-evolving beast, and your department alone can only handle so much. The level of effort needed to educate yourself, implement a successful solution, and train a soldier to maintain the safeguards put in place, are both time-consuming and costly.

Why not employ the services of experts, instead of a half-trained employee that may fall asleep at his or her post.

Cloud Authentication

The glorious tales you have heard about the Sorcerers of SaaS SSO around the local inn have woven an image if glimmering hope to brighten the darkness of your arduous duty. Their powers provide convenience to your IT department by hosting your SSO solution and maintaining the usability that your end users have grown to love.

You have balanced your portal on the edge of a knife for far too long. It is time to let another watch over the structure while you defend against your many foes on the battlefields of Cyber Security.

An Alliance with the Sorcerers of SaaS SSO

The sorcerers of SaaS SSO do not work for free, though the royal council may find it favorable to spread the cost of their services over time, as opposed to the high startup and reoccurring costs associated with an on premises solution.

By shifting your portal to a SaaS SSO service, you may focus on your strengthening your regiment and your citizens while still providing the high level of service that the council has come to expect of you. What’s more, SaaS SSO will assist you in continuing to empower your end users to be happy and productive members of the kingdom.

War is never won easily, but the hardships can be managed. Man the front lines while your allies in SaaS SSO provide both you and your citizens with a convenient, stable service for authentication management. Be the I.T. Warrior that you are known to be, and let the experts at SaaS SSO handle the rest.

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