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Top 3 Most Popular Posts from January 2016


Popular Posts - January 2016

People always want to know where they are headed – it’s why we plan things out so strictly during our day to day.  Every once in a while, however, it’s nice to look back and see where we’ve been, and how far we’ve come.  Here is a short list of the three most read posts on the PortalGuard blog for January 2016.  If you haven’t caught up yet, well – here’s your chance! Take a look at our most popular posts and as always, let us know what you think!

#3 – OS X Password Manager – Keychain Access Redemption

OS X password manager

Seriously: what is the deal with the buzz surrounding an OS X Password Manager? I’ve been working on a Mac every day for almost a year now, and let me tell you – it’s a strange experience.  I’ve spent the majority of my life fixing, building, and using Windows machines, with Macs pushed off to the periphery somewhere.  I never really knew why – I just always preferred Windows over Mac. For its part, however, Mac is fantastic at providing a large array of services and capabilities without bloatware and any excess confusion.  The one thing that still doesn’t seem up to par, however, is finding a decent OS X password manager (SPOILER ALERT: It totally exists already, free of charge). [Read More]

#2 – How Does Single Sign-on Work? – A Story


How does Single Sign-on work? That’s the real question here. We hear about it constantly – especially as we begin spending more time online. The digital environment of today is saturated with information, so much so that answering a simple question like ‘how does Single Sign-on work’ can be a huge hassle. Honestly, it doesn’t have to be. Single Sign-on doesn’t have to be complicated, or shrouded in mystery. It does, however, need to remain an important consideration in the modern digital schema.

Take your eyes off of Google for a second, and click away from Wikipedia. Today, I am going to show you a world where Single Sign-on is a simple, easy, and welcome reprieve from the constant agitation and frustration of having to login so many different times in one sitting. You ask me, how does Single Sign-on Work? My answer is simple: Single Sign-on is the way the future should look.

Here it is. [Read More]

#1 – 2015 Data Breaches – A Year in Review

2015 data breaches

If the series of 2015 Data Breaches taught us anything it is this: 2015 was a good year to be a hacker. In fact, it seems that as the years progress, the life of a hacker seems to get better and better. While doing research for this topic, I noticed the following trend: with every passing year, the year prior was described as “the worst year for data breaches.” Some quick examples – here is an article from early 2014 saying 2013 was the worst year for data breaches, followed by this article from early 2015 saying 2014 was the worst year for data breaches, finishing with this article from last year showing 2015 was on track to be the worst year in data breaches. These probably aren’t words you want to hear, but it’s the inconvenient truth. Today, I’d like to take a look back at the 2015 Data Breaches, look at some statistics, some specific examples, and more importantly, what we can do this year to prevent these sorts of data breaches. [Read More]

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