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Where’s Waldo? – Finding a Unique Identity Solution


Unique Identity SolutionWhen you hear the phrase “Where’s Waldo”, the chances are high that you are not thinking about finding a unique identity solution.  Rather, the first thing you think of is most likely the popular series of children’s books where the objective is to find the titular character in different crowded settings. Of course, finding Waldo is often a chore as there are often characters who look similar to him, but aren’t quite the same. Much the same can be said about finding an appropriate, unique identity solution that meets the specific needs of your environment.Sure, sometimes you are able to get by with getting things that are similar enough to – but not exactly – what you are looking for. An example of this might be purchasing store brand cereal instead of name brand cereal. Store brands love to advertise that you’re getting the exact product as name brands at a lower price. So, you’re convinced you’re getting roughly the same product, but there are always a few nuances. The taste might not be as good as the name brand, the box might not be as flashy, or you you might even get less product in the box.

“But Spenser.” you ask, “how does cereal even remotely relate to something like authentication and identity management?”

unique solution

So close, and yet…oddly different.

Well, you are correct that cereal and authentication are not even remotely related items. But it really boils down to one thing. Why settle for a product that falls short of your expectations and what you really want?

Unique Identity Solution – Never Settle for Less than the Best

Here’s the thing: if you were tasked with finding Waldo in a particularly difficult menagerie of color and characters, you wouldn’t just settle for finding something or someone who looks kind of similar (if you ware looking for Waldo, you don’t stop when you find Wenda).  So, by that logic, when it comes to authentication and identity management, why would you settle for anything less than a unique identity solution that is tailored to your needs?

There is quite a saturation of authentication solutions on the market today. Most, if not all of them, will claim to be something along the lines of “the easiest, most reliable, [and] user friendly” solution out there. Lots of companies also love to tout about the “value” in their solution. But really, what is “value”?. Most companies and some consumers would say it is a monetary thing, which, while true, is a poor definition in my opinion. Companies might advertise their solution as a “great value” but provide a solution that skimps on the important things (tech support, product updates, etc.). Some companies might try to sell “value” as “look at all the things we bundle together”, but price-wise could be leagues out of what you are able to pay. With all these solutions out there all claiming to be the best value, who really takes the cake?

The Value of a Unique Identity Solution Tailored to YOU

The takeaway here is is that companies cannot define what value is. Real value is finding the solution that fits your needs perfectly. Of course, I have to brag a little. I believe PortalGuard offers the best mix of not only monetary value on the market, but also top notch customer service – from the first click on the live chat button to when you’re ready to buy.  We provide our customers and prospects with experienced, dedicated technical support, and most importantly, we work hard to tailor our solution to YOUR organization’s needs.

Finding a unique identity solution that is right for you can be a little like a game of “Where’s Waldo.” You have a big, crowded field of candidates, and some of them look almost like Waldo, but they just aren’t the real deal. It can sometimes feel almost impossible to find Waldo in such a crowded mishmash of similar looking characters, but in the end, if you look for him hard enough, you will always find him.

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