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Innovative Digital Solution – What Makes PortalGuard Different?


Innovative digital SolutionWhat makes for an innovative digital solution?  Better yet – what is an inventor? By definition, an inventor is someone who invents, especially one who devises some new process, appliance, machine, or article; one who makes inventions. Some might say that an inventor is anyone that can come up with a creative and necessary idea to solve a reoccurring problem. Today, it seems that without inventors and inventions it would be nearly impossible to live in society. What ever would we do without these top 25 inventions of 2015 here?

While the world around us is exploding with inventors and inventions, we cannot forget about the explosions within the cyber world. In a fast growing digital world, it is becoming the norm for businesses to fall back on a completely digital system – and SSO and SSPR solutions are in high demand to make the lives of businesses and their employees a whole lot easier.

Elements of an Innovative Digital Solution

What Is SSO?

single sign-onSingle Sign-On is a user authentication process that allows you to sign onto all of your applications with a single name and password. By doing so, it eliminates the need to sign in to each individual application that you
may use throughout the day.

SSO also serves to eliminate the need to remember multiple passwords – which can be easy to forget. That brings me to my next point…

What Is SSPR?

Self Service Password Reset is a tool that allows users to reset their password or perform changes to their personal accounts without the use of a third party. This functionality eliminates the need to contact help desk personnel to retrieve the password or make any necessary changes. It is all but essential to provide users with a method of self-service if you are to have a successful and innovative digital solution.

Now, for those individuals or organizations who wish to have a solution that provides more than a simple sign on method, don’t fret! There are options that offer all inclusive authentication packages – or so they say. While some may say they are all inclusive, the reality is not always so. Let’s look at some examples:


OneLogin, a self-proclaimed Enterprise Identity Solution, claims to offer a multi-factor authentication system. For those of you outside of the European and United States regions though, you may be out of luck. Yes, they may have 9 operating systems for the United States and Europe (as seen here), but would you consider that all inclusive?

In terms of a unique, innovative digital solution, you might want a little bit more bang for your buck, so to speak.


Okta has a variety of platforms that offer what you may be looking for, but finding all of those products together in one solution may be fairly difficult. A list of the platforms can be found here. The website alone can make it difficult to determine how solutions and products are segmented, and what exactly you get for your money.  Innovation doesn’t always have to be so confusing…

For each of these companies, the pricing is on a per user/per platform basis. The more platforms that you buy and the more employees that you have – the more expensive the annual cost is going to be.

So, with all of that being said, you might ask, what makes PortalGuard different?

The better question is: what doesn’t?


With over 14 years of experience in the security industry, we have a pretty good handle on the various wants and needs of any business. PortalGuard is a web-based authentication solution-set, offering six unique and complementary layers that are designed to provide a multifaceted approach to Enterprise security:PortalGuard Nebula

We also have 7 authentication combinations to choose from:

  • Password and Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA)
  • Password and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Password and Internet Protocol (IP)
  • Password and User’s Geolocation
  • Password and Registered Device
  • Password and Time of Day
  • Password and No Unsecure Wi-Fi Access

PortalGuard, unlike the competition, is offered at a single annual price. With PortalGuard, you do not need to worry about the per user costs, hidden fees or additional costs. For those of you that may be overseas or across
the world, you are in luck! PortalGuard has sold its software to over 400 businesses across the globe! We provide support to India, Europe, Australia, Canada and many, many more. What a relief!

With every customer, we give you the ability to make your login completely customizable! If you want certain colors, you got it! If you want a tropical look, it’s all yours. Your login screen will be able to reflect and portray your company just the way you want it.

Our dedicated Project Management Team and Tech Support make the use of PortalGuard an enjoyable experience, and a team that you can always rely on.

Customer Driven Innovation

The team behind PortalGuard is continually working with customers to provide a continually evolving, innovative digital solution to meet the needs of an ever-changing environment.  We wouldn’t want to settle for anything less than exactly what we need, and we don’t expect our customers to either.

For a more detailed look on what PortalGuard can provide to you and your business, please visit this whitepage or our homepage.

While the cyber world is constantly growing, so is our company. Our team of inventors are always coming up with new, innovative digital solutions to provide to our customers and their end-users. A prime example is PortalGuard Nebula, our most recent, hybrid cloud, secure portal solution.

We know it can be a tough decision when it comes to choosing an innovative digital solution that fits your company’s needs best, so check us out and we’ll happily show you exactly what makes PortalGuard different.

PortalGuard Product Tour

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