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3 Most Popular Posts from February, 2016


popular posts for February 2016

Every once in a while, it’s nice to stop, smell the roses, and take a look at the path we’ve walked thus far.  We all get that feeling of being overwhelmed, like yesterday stops mattering once today begins – but that is rarely ever the case.  Once in a while, it’s nice to look back at where we’ve been and appreciate how we’ve made it this far. Here is a short list of the three most read posts on the PortalGuard blog for February 2016.  If you haven’t caught up yet, well – here’s your chance! Take a look at our most popular posts and as always, let us know what you think!

#3 – Encryption Methods of Yesterday and Their Replacements

encryption methods

Encryption methods are a very important aspect of security in our increasingly digital lives; and as a precocious, Chicago-based teen once opined in a John Hughes film, “Life moves pretty fast.” This sage observation is fitting for the computer industry as well, where cryptographic algorithms come with increasingly shortened half-lives due to hackers and academics attempting to “break” them for wholly different goals. In this context, “breaking” an algorithm refers to it becoming insecure or obsolete due to increased computing power, new attack vectors or previously undiscovered flaws in the algorithm itself. When one is broken, word quickly spreads, its plot in the computing graveyard is reserved and its successor comes out of the batters back and takes the plate. Today, I’m going to talk about a few encryption methods, which are out of date and which have taken up position at the forefront of digital cryptology.  [Read More]

#2 – Benefits of Self Service – What’s the Point?

Benefits of Self Service

I’ve been plagued by a question recently: what are the benefits of self service that make the concept actually worth the trouble? I mean, why is self service such a big deal, especially in the digital world? Let’s face it; it’s human nature to take the path of least resistance. We, as a society, are forced to juggle millions of tasks that are all deemed top priority with the expectation of completion yesterday. We all have accounts that need to be accessed to meet these task requirements, and self service can go a long way towards making that goal a reality. It’s not hard to see why, without self-service, when a short cut comes along to ease the burden of everyday life, we immediately pounce on the opportunity. Convenience, I think, is just one of the many benefits of self service, especially online. [Read More]

#1 – Password Reset Tool – a New Commodity

Password Reset Tool

Having a password and a password reset tool are at the fabric of modern internet security.  Just about anyone who has used the internet in recent history has used a password. This makes the importance of passwords paramount, and the importance of knowing your passwords even more significant. Unfortunately most people have dozens of accounts with dozens of passwords (even though this isn’t always the case), which makes remembers these passwords very difficult. That’s what makes a password reset tool so important for companies to have on their websites, which in turn illustrates how a password reset tool has quickly become a commodity – a resource that web users need in order to function in their daily lives. There are some serious advantages to instituting a password reset tool for your users as well as some definite disadvantages that arise from the end-user frustration of not having simple password reset available. [Read More]

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