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Best In Class for Password Management – PortalGuard


password managementIt doesn’t matter what industry you are in, or what you think about the life expectancy of passwords; the bottom line is this: password management is still a pain. The problem with password management includes dealing with multiple passwords, enabling self-service options, or simply configuring passwords differently for specific user groups. Somehow, despite the advances we have made to authentication over recent years, passwords still manage to be a huge thorn in our side.

That’s why PistolStar, Inc. is proud to announce that our flagship product, PortalGuard has been announced as the best in class for password management on Siftery!

So..What is Siftery?

Siftery is an online database whose primary goal is to, “help businesses better discover, buy and use software”. Through Siftery, individuals and organizations can review various software from a range of categories.  They are then able to retrieve information regarding existing customers and even industry market share. This resource catalogs an entire host of information from a range of sources. With this data at hand, consumers can make an informed decision as to which software will fit best in their existing environment.

What makes Password Management so Important?

That is the most obvious question to pose. With the rapid advances being made in authentication technology, typical consumers are forgiven for not realizing just how much of an issue password management still is. Of course, we’ve talked about this problem before. However, with new advances in technology come new challenges that need to be overcome.

As noted by Healthcare-Informatics, the problem of password management has come up in many industries lately, especially in Healthcare. Quoted from his original article in InfoWorld, Roger A. Grimes challenges the typical resolutions to current password management woes, and illustrates passwords as the key weakness in modern authentication security.

Grimes writes:

“[O]ver the last decade, hackers have changed the way they attack passwords. Back in the day, most password attackers literally guessed at user’s passwords. They found an externally accessibly portal where they could guess using manual or automated methods — or they found the password hash and used rainbow tables to convert passwords back to the plaintext equivalents.”

While password management has adapted to combat these attack methods, Grimes continues on to note that attackers have evolved. Their attacks have become even more effective – some of which even bypass the password altogether. As has frequently been the case in recent years, it seems that passwords alone are not enough for authentication security.

“New password attack methods require new policies,” Grimes notes. With the constant barrage of data breaches recently, it would seem he is not too far off the mark.

PortalGuard – Stepping Up Your Defense

PortalGuard brings convenience and flexibility to modern password management. With complete integration to multiple directories, configuring custom password policies and forcing enrollment are a simple task. In addition, PortalGuard comes with out-of-the-box support for Single Sign-On and Multifactor authentication. We work with you to eliminate the woes of password management on both the administrator and end-user side of things, while also increasing defenses where passwords alone just won’t cut it.

Password management is just the beginning. With the evolution of hackers, all-in-one solutions are becoming more necessary to combat the present threats, and strengthen environments for the future. With PortalGuard, we are here to help you find the best balance between security and usability.

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