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Windows Server 2016 Certification – PortalGuard v5.5


Windows Server 2016 Certification informs IT administrators and authorities alike that hardware components, software solutions, and other devices meet Microsoft’s standards for compatibility and Best Practices.  We are proud to announce that the latest version of PortalGuard meets Windows Server 2016 Certification requirements!

Microsoft Server Release

The end of 2016 marked the official release of Microsoft’s much-anticipated Windows Server 2016 to the general public.  Along with standing as the latest in the Windows Server line of operating systems, Windows Server 2016 includes a host of new and fine-tuned features to improve usability and integration with any digital environment.

This release also sparked the typical rush for System Admins, CIO’s and other IT Authorities to certify their environments for the latest specifications.  Windows Server 2016 certification ensures that both new and existing software remain compliant with the established state of Microsoft’s Best Practices.  Just in time for the New Year, PortalGuard’s latest version – version 5.5 – has officially achieved Windows Server 2016 certification.

PortalGuard’s Windows Server 2016 Certification

For many software solutions, maintaining certification through multiple Windows Server implementations can mean making substantial updates to the core framework.  PortalGuard, however, did not require any changes to maintain compliance.  Our latest version – introducing Google reCAPTCHA v2 and more – enhances functionality and usability while still adhering to IT Best Practices.

IT Admins already utilizing Windows Server 2016 need only install the latest version of PortalGuard! Maintaining Windows Server 2016 certification requires no additional customization or alteration!

Usability and Security – With a Strong Foundation for the Future

Microsoft provides a strong foundation upon which many organizations build a thorough and far-reaching digital environment.  These environments host both internal and external applications, and provide resources for users throughout the globe.  PortalGuard extends that foundation with an extensible framework that provides enhanced usability and security without requiring a budgetary overhaul.  Obtaining Windows Server 2016 certification enables PortalGuard to continue providing a strong Authentication Security package on a global scale.  This is especially true for organizations that hope to start off strong with the latest and greatest from Microsoft.

PortalGuard provides the best of authentication security and usability in both hosted and on-premises environments.  Whether the need is reducing multiple login prompts, eliminating password-related help desk calls, or simply instituting a single solution to provide Self-Service Password Reset, Single Sign-On, and Two-Factor Authentication, PortalGuard is the perfect fit.  White Glove service and a completely customizable front-end makes PortalGuard the best choice for solving any authentication Pain.

If you’re looking for the best solution with Microsoft Windows Server 2016 certification, you’ve come to the right place!

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