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It’s Just Software, Why is it so Expensive?


This question is hilarious to someone like me who spent 30 plus hours a week working on a merciless course offered at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) called “Data Structures”. A course that has no regard for your happiness, sleep schedule, the other 3 courses you’re enrolled in (which by the way also each eat up at least 10/15 hours of your time each week respectively), or anything apart from learning the fundamentals of C++ coding.

Having said all that, it’s ridiculously challenging work. No matter how you slice it, coding is legitimately done in another language. Completely foreign to anyone who hasn’t been indoctrinated into the secret society of software developers. These languages are difficult to learn with tons of unique nuances within each. This alone, the fact that software is made by brilliant individuals who understand other languages well enough to manipulate them into a magical code that runs whatever that project is meant to do, should justify the cost. However, there is even more to the product that justifies the cost.

Now I suppose I should talk about the product that enlisted my services, and why it has the price point it does. First off, PortalGuard is an incredibly sophisticated piece of software. Anything involving security must be or else there would be issues! On the field of security PortalGuard has all the bases covered; Single Sign-On (SSO), Self Service Password Reset (SSPR), Two Factor Authentication (2FA), Contextual Authentication (CA), along with the neat feature Password Synchronization. I urge you to check out the specific descriptions provided by PortalGuard of how the software implements these extraordinary features.

Once you get the product you’re going to need some help understanding how to set it up, how the interface works, as well as how to customize the product. Luckily for you, PortalGuard takes care of this for you with guided installations. This, of course, isn’t done by a magical computer gnome that costs virtually nothing but the electricity it uses, it’s done by an awesome real person! They don’t work for free, and neither does customer support and while we’re on the topic the company needs to make money to pay for the overhead of running a business! You know, the same thing you’re trying to do with your business. Unfortunately, none of this is free. But hey if you’re still not convinced check this out…

Have you heard of Return On Investment? I’m quite sure you have. This is an amazing investment in your business’s online future. This puts you leaps and bounds ahead of your virtual completion and provides an exquisite overall user experience that I argue is priceless. A product that works on all devices, that creates a safe working environment with tons of security features. You won’t need to be running 47 different login pages anymore, PortalGuard creates one beautiful and uniform protected portal. Your IT guy/gal will save time answering emails about logins not working, and passwords being reset. PortalGuard takes care of all that. Now they can work on way more pertinent issues that need to be addressed. This is company money saved in the long run and increased productivity from all. With one single sign-on, there’s no jumping back and forth between log-in pages and accidentally stumbling upon Reddit for 3 hours. You’ll always be connected and ready to conquer the tasks at hand, and bosses love to hear that stuff.

What are you paying for, PortalGuard:

  • Seamless integration into your environment
    • Local Customer Support
  • Customization to fit your website
  • One stop shop; one price to integrate all web applications
    • Utilize all applications purchased
  • Ease of Use for students, faculty, and employees
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Early Adoption
      • Force Enrollment
    • Increase in productivity
      • Less time logging into different portals and applications
      • IT less time on fixing issues and more time spent on innovation
        • Reduce Help Desk calls
      • Protection for very sensitive Data
      • Constant Updates to adhere to all emerging technologies

Although software is expensive, the price point of PortalGuard is far away and beyond better than any competition out there. After the upfront cost of PortalGuard, you are going to reap the benefits of improving security, enhancing experience and increasing your ROI.

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