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Getting Away from Your Homegrown Environment




From the moment, the doors first opened and continuing through today, many organizations and institutions have been creating and developing their IT departments continuously. Through the years, changes in IT range from new technologies to new positions and/or employees. This in turn, makes it very difficult to ensure the entire department is on the same current technical page. It’s a major issue when an IT department creates a homegrown system that has been built through various people and cannot support all the functionality of new technology. Now it’s time to invest in a solution that will rid you of any ambiguity.

Homegrown System

Many companies and colleges alike are running homegrown systems. It may be when they started out they couldn’t afford to get a suite like PortalGuard, or maybe they took the “We Do Everything Under One Roof” approach, which is one I absolutely love, but it’ll only get you so far. Soon enough problems will arise in a homegrown system and you’ll have to fix those problems since you created the system! This puts a large work load on IT to run a system that they are still developing and to be able to consistently fix bugs. Doing both successfully at the same time is not fun!  If you are running a company and have a homegrown system I’m sure your primary goal is to grow. I wonder if the system creator accounted for exponential growth, or if the system creator is even still around when the company starts growing!

Problems like this arise all the time. The system may have been perfect when there were 7 employees, but now when there’s 22 more employees and the original tech guy isn’t’ there, the system is almost rendered useless! IT hours pile up fixing a problem that was essentially created by the company, a local virus we can say. The system also may never have been updated from that Windows XP jump a few years back and looking through the code leaves the new IT kid scratching his head. These are problems companies and academic institutions just don’t need. Worst case scenario when management finally decides to move forward with a solution like PortalGuard, there could be just too much going on within the homegrown environment and the IT department may not have the resources to address it.

How Can We Help?

Get yourself hooked up with PortalGuard before it ever reaches that point. PortalGuard enhances your portal with Single Sign-on which I might say is revolutionary after my own experience in college documented here. This eliminates the multiple login pages associated with many schools and businesses combining them into one beautiful portal. Along with ease of use, PortalGuard comes in heavy with security since it was founded on that premise, Two-Factor Authentication, Self Service Password Reset and more. When operating PortalGuard IT doesn’t have to worry about system updates effecting the Portal, or new applications phasing it out. PortalGuard is being constantly developed and is always monitoring potential bugs making a system ready for anything technology can throw at it!

Check out PortalGuard newest version PortalGuard 5.6.2 and learn how you can improve your cyber security while staying away from a homegrown solution.


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