FAQ: Help Desk Type-ahead Search Not Finding Matching Account Names

Are you or your users having problems with the help desk type-ahead search not finding matching account names?


Typing into the “For selected users” field on the PortalGuard Help Desk Console does not produce any search results for users that are definitely in the repository.

This is what it looks like when working:

(typing “te” in the field produces the three test usernames in blue)

Select User

No blue entries appear when it is NOT working.  In this example, the user Thomas Two Tone should have appeared when “thom” was typed into the “For selected users” field.

Selected User


The type-ahead search fails because the user account that logged into the Help Desk does not have the necessary AD permissions to perform the search query.  This is what the logging from PG_log.txt looks like when this is the case.  This logging shows that users starting with the string “test” are being searched for, but PG is not allowing the search because the user that logged into the PG Help Desk (lconroy) is not specified in any Help Desk region within the repository specified in the PG_Config utility.

Search Test


Open the PortalGuard Configuration Editor.  Choose the appropriate user repository:

Configuration Editor

Select the “Help Desk” and specify the user in question within a Global or Regional region by clicking the “Add” button and then click “Save” to preserve the changes.


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