Christopher Perry

June 1, 2016
by Christopher Perry

Kill the Password with the ABCs – Google’s Project Abacus

Over the past year, we’ve written quite a bit about the death of the password. It’s a hot topic in the tech industry right now, and even everyday consumers are starting to really experience the trouble inherent in typical password … Continue reading

Jay Osper

April 7, 2016
by Jay Osper

Personal Data Protection – The Quest, Cost & Reality

By now you’ve almost certainly heard of the record amount of data breaches that occurred during 2015 – placing personal data protection at the forefront of everyone’s mind. 2015 was the year of the hacker, with an incredible number of high … Continue reading

March 18, 2016
by PistolStar PortalGuard

The True Costs of Cyber Security Breaches – the Victims

The true cost of cyber security breaches is often difficult to determine.  Organizations like Verizon and the Ponemon institute devote countless resources just to answer that very question – and the results are constantly changing.  I think it is safe … Continue reading

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