Gregg Browinski

June 21, 2017
by Gregg Browinski

You Asked We Delivered…v5.6.2.0

PistolStar is committed to keeping PortalGuard up to the standards of the industry and the people who use it. Back in March, we asked our loyal customers what they would like to see upgraded or added to PortalGuard. Straight from … Continue reading

Ashley Wilson

May 4, 2015
by Ashley Wilson

Web Based Applications

  Does anyone see the pattern here? You are just trying to get through your typical day, but if you’re like me, you’ve realized: there are too many login prompts! You need to access multiple different web based applications in … Continue reading

Gregg Browinski contextual user authentication

April 15, 2015
by Gregg Browinski
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Bluetooth Two Factor Authentication Alternatives | Contextual Authentication

My family bought a new, 2015 Subaru this year. In a market as competitive as automobile sales, car manufacturers are continually looking to one-up each other by adding more technology and integration options. A perfect example was our test drive. … Continue reading

Larry Conroy Start using the benefits of single sign-on

March 13, 2015
by Larry Conroy

Office 365 Single Sign On | Get The Benefits Now!

    My first introduction to Office 365 came while I was researching the best way to provide my college bound daughter with Microsoft Office tools for her fancy new touchscreen laptop (big thanks to Gramma here!).  The concept of … Continue reading

Rob Bellefeuille

April 10, 2014
by Rob Bellefeuille
Comments Off on Application Security or Usability: Should you even have to choose?

Application Security or Usability: Should you even have to choose?

  Application Security or Usability? Oh the choices we are privileged to have here in America. Should I fly or drive? Email, text, or call? Used car or new car? There are so many choices to make that is can … Continue reading


November 25, 2013
by thoey
Comments Off on User Authentication for Client-facing Applications

User Authentication for Client-facing Applications

When researching for a complete user authentication solution, it is important to consider a lot of different things. How easy will it be to integrate into my current environment? How much downtime can I expect to train my end users … Continue reading

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