A Good Security Solution Pays for Itself

With data breaches an all-too-common occurrence in the news these days, colleges and universities clearly need better security solutions, in order to lockdown access to data and systems. The challenge is compounded by the funding constraints common in higher education.

In fact, colleges and universities can get the most value for their security dollars by addressing some of the most basic issues first. For example, security breaches are made easier by systems that make passwords the main determining factor in authenticating the user. Tools that focus on tightening user access-- such as multi-factor authentication, self-service password reset, password synchronization, and single sign-on-- all help to tighten common areas of security breaches.

The right security solution can cost-effectively allow students, faculty and staff easy and unencumbered access to systems, while reducing support issues, ensuring more secure and compliant systems– and avoiding embarrassing security breaches. A product that maintains a balance among security, user participation and ease of use, pays for itself very quickly.