Integration Methods

For customers without a central portal already in place, PortalGuard provides a direct web access portal for password reset and associated password management functionality.

Through this web portal, users can change or enroll phone numbers for two-factor authentication, update/change challenge questions/answers,etc.

PortalGuard can enhance the login process for remote HTTP servers on which PortalGuard is not directly installed. This is referred to as "Sidecar" mode.

A small JavaScript library is added to the login form for the target HTTP server. This new code temporarily suppresses the login to the target server and calls out to the PortalGuard server instead. PortalGuard validates the user's credentials and verifies that the user does not need to take any specific PortalGuard actions (e.g. setting challenge answers).

If PortalGuard requires the user to take action, a floating frame appears over the top of the target server's HTML login form. The user uses this frame to perform the requested action directly against the PortalGuard server. Once no further action is required, the floating frame is closed and the original login attempt to the target server proceeds as normal. If no PortalGuard action is required of the user, then the floating frame never appears and the login attempt passes directly to the target server.

Sidecar mode achieves a high level of integration to existing login forms without requiring any changes to the target server's back-end or authentication configuration. This allows for simple addition of "Forgot password?" links directly to normal login forms, allowing the PortalGuard "Reset Password" wizard to appear on demand. By leaving preexisting login forms intact, end-user training, development changes and administrative overhead are almost completely eliminated

Supports Multiple Windows-based Operating Systems:

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Microsoft Terminal Services Remote Desktop Services

While using a PortalGuard SSPR on a Windows Operating System, users can have access to Self-service directly from the login screen, or by using the Ctrl+Alt+Del shortcut when already logged in. This functionality removes the need to access an alternate machine/kiosk or login with a guest account in order to reset or change a password.

Supports Mac OS X Versions 10.4 and Later, including:

  • Snow Leopard
  • Mountain Lion
  • Yosemite
  • El Capitan
  • On a Mac, users can reset or change their domain password directly from the login screen.

    PortalGuard also allows for the recovery of the Mac OS X Keychain Password in the eventthat a user forgets it, and still needs access to the passwords stored on the machine.

    For environments where convenience and security must go hand in hand, PortalGuard has an answer: the Mobile Password Reset App. In an age where the mobile phone has taken over virtually every vertical – from educational environments to financial institutions – PortalGuard turns a common personal device into a useful tool for both managing passwords and adding a second factor, all in one application.

    The three major features of the Mobile Password Reset App are:

    • One-touch Password Reset
    • Familiar Password Generator
    • Mobile Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) generator
    • One-Touch Password Reset

      Not only does our mobile app provide a simple method for resetting a password, the changes take effect immediately. There is no waiting for updated credentials to synchronize with the local server, and users can get back to doing the work that matters. Just type in a new password and tap ‘Reset Password’ .It’s that simple.

      Familiar Password Generator

      Creating a memorable password that is also complex and secure enough to last is often a difficult process. Users are more likely to choose weak passwords than to put in the effort this process entails. The mobile app offers a solution for these issues in the familiar password generator.

      The steps are simple:

      Answer a few personal questions that only the user would know Tap ‘Personalized Password’

      Set the new, uniquely familiar password as described above

      Time-based OTP

      The mobile app also removes the need to download a separate application, or deal with extra hard tokens for two-factor authentication. By providing a continuously cycling one-time password, users have simple access to a ready-to-go TOTP through a familiar interface.

      How the TOTP Works:

      User Enrolls the phone with PortalGuard by scanning a QR Code

      The OTP Seed is synchronized alongside the QR Code during enrollment The phone becomes a shared secret between the user and PortalGuard added visual timer to illustrate OTP generation and expiration

      The PortalGuard Mobile Password Reset App integrates easily with any environment, without requiring additional effort on the part of administrators or users. Simply by using an interface and familiar operating systems, end-users have the power of secure password management in the palm of their hands.

      Our app is available on both major mobile operating systems; Get it on iTunes or Google Play today!

      PortalGuard SSPR can also be integrated with Identity Federation while providing Single Sign-on capabilities. Through Identity Federation, PortalGuard provides users with the ability to manage and reset a single password that is usable, strong, and secure, and use that password to gain access to various applications.

      For more information, download our Single Sign-on Tech Brief