PortalGuard Centralized SSPR

The PortalGuard Self-service Password Reset solution is a complete, flexible option that provides users with access to a wide range of self-service functionality. PortalGuard is continually evolving to meet industry demands, and provides the same interface and functionality accross Windows and Mac desktops, as well as in a web-based portal - minimizing the initial learning curve and promoting user adoption.

The three major components of PortalGuard Self-service are:

Password Reset

For increased usability and ease of access, each of these features can be accessed on various mobile devices, including tablets (both Android and Apple-based) and smartphones. There is even a mobile application for end-users to download (See SSPR Mobile App section below for more details).


  • Help Desk Console - provide interface for Help Desk staff to easily perform account actions.
  • Verbal Authentication - allows Help Desk to authenticate a user calling in Administrator Auditing Dashboard - logging and reporting of user access activity.

General Features

  • Forced user enrollment (optional) Offline/Disconnected user support.
  • Encrypted hard drive support - perform a password recovery through PortalGuard on an alternate or mobile device (e.g. Symantec Endpoint Encryption).
  • Multiple authentication method support (e.g. challenge questions/answers,two-factor authentication,etc).
  • E-Mail notifications for password resets to the user and/or admin configurable lock-out thresholds for incorrect responses to authentication attempts.
  • Support for various mobile browsers.

Challenge Questions & Answers

  • Centralized - challenge information stored on server configurable number of mandatory/optional questions Allows import/pre-population of challenge answers prevent repeat answers for multiple challenge questions.
  • Prevent answers from containing words from the question text.
  • Answers can be case sensitive.
  • Configurable minimum length for challenge answers.