PortalGuard for Citrix

PortalGuard for Citrix offers integrated two-factor authentication and self-service password reset functionality. PortalGuard's turnkey user authentication solution-set for Citrix adds value by integrating with RADIUS. PortalGuard provides flexible ways for your clients to manage their access including; self-service password reset, a choice of eight two-factor optional methods, password management, and single sign-on all-in-one solution-set.

    PortalGuard Integrations Points for Citrix
  • Self-Service Password Reset
  • Two Factor Citrix Netscaler via RADIUS
    PortalGuard Integration Points for VMWare View
  • Two-factor fpr VMWare View via RADIUS
  • Forgot password? Shortcut available on HP
  • ThinPro client login screen (VMWare View backend)

Customer Case Study:


Seeking a flexible 2FA solution with RADIUS support for VPN access as well as a usability benefits that could be realized by utilizing password synchronization and single sign-on functionality. Their PhoneFactor implementation was being used in their environment but was having difficulty supporting the customer's deployment of Citrix NetScaler.


Deploying PortalGuard's authentication platform and leveraging its multiple functional layers allowed the customer to enable a flexible 2FA solution as well as appropriate password synchronization and single sign-on benefits. With PortalGuard's RADIUS capabilities, the customer was able to rollout an integrated 2FA solution that successfully supported their use of Citrix's NetScaler product. To provide a more streamlined access experience to their users, the customer configured PortalGuard's Identity Provider to provide the users with SSO access to the most important enterprise applications. In addition, they were able to apply the Active Directory password and password policies to some other key enterprise systems for both security and compliance gains.

Citrix PortalGuard login interface
Citrix single sign on portal

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