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2 FA Support For Cisco VPN

PortalGuard support for Cisco VPNs

Tags: vpn, cisco, 2fa, radius, integration

Problem Definition

You have purchased PortalGuard / are interested in purchasing PortalGuard and are wondering if PortalGuard supports your Cisco VPNs.


PortalGuard does support integration with Cisco VPNs. Listed below is how to configure PortalGuard for use with your Cisco VPN(s)

RADIUS Configuration Summary:

On the VPN side using Cisco ASDM:

  • Create new AAA Server Group
  • Add AAA Server
  • Create Remote Access Connection Profile

On the PortalGuard side using PortalGuard Configuration Editor:

  • Enable Radius Configuration
  • Change Windows Firewall on PG server to allow inbound access to 1812 & 1813 over UDP
  • Create new client configuration

VPN Client:

  • Point the profile being used (or create a new one) at PortalGuard instead of locally. Users will now be able to use their AD logins.
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