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Combining SSO Tiles

Combining SSO Tiles

Tags: User Interface

Problem Definition

You are interested in combining the tiles on the SSO jump page into one page.


Before starting this process, be sure to make backup copies of the following files:




Make the following changes:

In C:\inetpub\PortalGuard\_layouts\images\PG\js\pg_custom.js: 1. Add “Forms-based” to the enroll link text.

Attach:PGCustom1.jpg Δ

In C:\inetpub\PortalGuard\_layouts\images\PG\js\pg_sso.js:

1. Add the highlighted text.

Attach:PGSSO1.jpg Δ

2. Remove the highlighted text

Attach:PGSSO2.jpg Δ

3. Add the highlighted text

Attach:PGSSO3.jpg Δ

4. Replace the top text with the bottom text.

Attach:PGSSO4.jpg Δ

5. Replace the top text with the bottom text.

Attach:PGSSO5.jpg Δ

6.Replace the top text with the bottom text.

Attach:PGSSO6.jpg Δ

In C:\inetpub\PortalGuard\sso\default.aspx:

1. Remove the two lines highlighted on the left side – right side is how it should look.

Attach:Default1.jpg Δ

2. Add the highlighted line

Attach:Default2.jpg Δ

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