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Configure Google Apps For SAMLSSO

Configure Google Apps for SAML SSO

Tags: google, saml, sso

Problem Definition

You are looking to configure Google Apps for use with SAML SSO


Follow the steps outlined below.

In Google Apps

1. Navigate to<your_domain>/Dashboard

2. Click Security link:

3. Click "Advanced Settings"

4. Click “Set up single sign-on (SSO)”

5. Fill in the fields as follows:

In PortalGuard IdP

1. General tab on PG IdP Relying Party doc:

Identifier: “”

      also possibly add “<yourgoogleapps.domain>”

Assertion Consumer URL:<your.googleapps.domain>/acs

2. Identity Claims tab:

Attach:GoogleApps13.png Δ Attach:GoogleApps14.png Δ Attach:GoogleApps15.png Δ

3. Response tab:

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